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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 13
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Tina’s POV

I was sitting in a bar enjoying my pipe and my drink, people are moving and dancing to the
stupid music I wonder how they are even feeling this song self, they are just jumping up and down and they call that dance? They must be on high weed so I thought.

I was in one corner waiting for information from my girls, I know they know how to track people down but this one is taking time, but since we are in London it will be different of course so I will give them time to buckle up, if they can’t do their job I will just send them back to Nigeria and do the work by myself, I don’t want to stay long in this country with no fun, in Nigeria am free to do anything I want but here in London am just restricted, any small thing we do the police
will just come, they better give me goodnews if they don’t want me to make them badnews to their parents.

I remember when me and ozila newly started, we were like husband and wife, I thought him many things in fact am the one that teach him how to handle gun, I thought him how to sexx let me just I made him a man, and then he went ahead to stab me on the back? I just hope he died on that cell because if not am gonna blow his head anytime I see him again.

I got up from the beautiful bar and hed to my power bike, I want to go home and as I was
wearing my helmet my phone started ringing, “this better be goodness or else somebody will die” I thought.
“Yes” I answered.

“We found her” the caller said.
“Where is she?” I ask.

“She lives in buston street in Birmingham’s, we are currently following her now it looks like
she’s moving”

“Keep following her am on my way” I said.
I quickly start the bike and disappeared from site, with full speed I enter Birmingham.
I called my girls and they told me they are close to London bridge, I increase the speed of my bike and few metres away I saw taxi carrying my girls and another taxi in front of them, I speed pass them and move to the one in front, while in motion I look inside the taxi and saw pregnant Edna and another girl, just what I want so I slow down and remove my gun from bag, I shoot the tire of the taxi and the taxi went to hit the wall of the bridge, I came down from the bike and as people saw the gun on my hand they started running helter skelter, i dont mind and walk back to
where they got the accident leaving my bike in front with my gun on my hand, I wave to my girls to leave immediately, almost close to them I heard gunshot from another bike coming from my front, of course someone must be watching them, since the person is still far off I quickly run to my bike in front and throttle off with full speed, I wonder who the person on the powerbike was.

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