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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 12
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Ozila POV

After missing them on the bridge I make sure my eyes are fixed on their hotel 24/7, they now know someone is trailing them and if I know Edna well she will try to move away from the hotel,

I told the twins to keep watch, Taiye has bought a powerbike and she always pack it in front of our hotel in case of emergency, and the twins always walk around the hotel every hour to check what’s going on and to know anything I miss, they are now acting as security and I told them to be careful to that Edna won’t see them since she knows them very well.

On morning around eight I came down from the hotel and enter the bar, I ordered for some drinking while thinking what to do next, if I let Edna know that am around she won’t be comfortable because I have betrayed her once, oh well that’s different now because I didn’t know she was pregnant for me before, assuming I know I don’t think I would have betrayed her, me and she need to talk but I believe the moment she see me she’s gonna put a bullet on my head.

As I was drinking watching the Royal hotel I saw two girls, they were walking and when they got to the front of the hotel they stop and look at it carefully, then one of them brought out a phone and make a call, I stood up and walk to the door, they made a call and then they continue walking, something doesn’t feel right so I came out from the bar and started following them, they walk pass two block and enter one bar, I enter the bar and saw them drinking and pressing phone,

they are black which means they are Africans and probably Nigeria, they must be Tina’s girl and gonna follow them anywhere they are going, I stay hidden so that they won’t recognize me, after one hour they a call and then they stood up and walk back to the hotel, I saw Edna and her friend enter one taxi, the girls stop another taxi and started following them, I run to our hotel where Taiye packed her bike, I enter the bike and collect the key from the helmet, I start the bike and started chasing the girls, I don’t think Edna know that they are following her, As I was
following them gently another power bike run passs with full force and was running to meet

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