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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 11
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Edna POV

“Are you sure?” Blessing ask me?
“Positive, don’t look back just keep going?” I replied her.

The person wore dark cloth covering his or her face, I don’t know how they manage to find us but am not going to let them know where we are staying.

“Just keep going, don’t go inside our hotel I don’t want the person to know where we are going?”

I told blessing.

“Don’t you think we should call the police?” Blessing said.

“No because we might be wrong and we don’t want attention” I replied her.
We passed our hotel and came out from buston street, we keep walking very fast to Birmingham bridge with my big tummy, Birmingham bridge is just five minutes walk away from here, I look back and saw the figure still following us from distance, we enter Birmingham bridge and enter
under the bridge, Blessing hide at one drainage while I keep walking to corner the person, If we let the person return for sure he is gonna bring more men to buston street because that’s where he saw us, the best thing is to just kill him and be free.

I walk to the other end of the under bridge and hide beside one wall holding my sharp knife to strike, I heard the footstep coming closer and closer, and when the person get close enough for me to strike I heard from my back.

“Hey man are you lost?”

“No, am just passing” the person replied, and the voice sound familiar like i have heard the voice before, I heard a police siren so I remain in hiding and allow the person to pass, I couldn’t see his face because of the clothes he is wearing, though am glad the police came at the right time,

though they would have allowed me to strike him down, now he knows our street, I think it’s time we change our hotel.

After the police left I came out and started walking back home, Blessing met me on the way and I told her what happened, we came out from the bridge and enter a taxi back to our hotel in buston street.

When we get back I rest to gain myself back, I took my bath and slept for hours, when I woke up later in the evening I sent a message to my dad telling him of my plans to chamge my location,

he agreed with me and promise to send me another location later tomorrow, since then my mood change because I now know that Tina is here in London to track me down, and she’s getting close.

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