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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 9
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“Maybe but I’ve change, my only target now is you” I said.

“Really, then after you kill me Edna will be your next target right because she married somebody else, anyway I will be waiting for you” she said.
“I bet you are, and greet your governor for me” I said

“Oh yeah he is really taking care of me, you know he made me his chief security officer and offered me a police batch” she said.

“That won’t stop me from coming after you” I said.

“Of course I know I have a surprise plan for you already so I hope to see you soon” she said.
“What plan is that?” I ask.

“If I tell you now it won’t be surprise anymore now will it?” She ask and cut the call.

“Who is that?” I heard from my back and I was shocked because I didn’t know anybody was listening.

“Taiye, you just badge in like that?” I ask.
“The door was opened so I let myself in” she defend herself.

“So when are you going to PH?” I ask.

“Tomorrow morning, anything you want us to get for you apart from Tina’s head?” She ask laughing and sitting beside me on the bed.
“Yeah, I want to follow you to PH” I said.
“Oh come on, you know everybody is looking for you, beside your love said she need to be seeing you 24/7” she said.

“All the more reason I need to be out, am bored of this place, you have to take me with you or else I will just walk out and travel to port by myself” I said.

“Not my problem, killing Tina is my top priority and that’s what am focused on and also Asibi is to blame if you wander off, so na you sabi” she said.

“Like seriously? You not gonna take me?” I ask.
“No, and yes am damn serious” she said.

“Hmmm okay”

She left minutes later, I didn’t know what to do because I really wanna get out of this place, I remain indoor throughout that day, they called me out to eat but I didn’t go I just remain in my room, Asibi brought the food for me so I ate on top my bed sitting in the middle of the flashy room, after Eating I was left alone till night when Edna return, she came to me in my room and I pretend to be sleeping, she went back to her room and ten minutes later she return wearing her night gown, she join me on the bed, she called me three times and since I didn’t answer she assumed that I have slept already, so she just put her head on my body and sleep too, her body was warm and my heart started rising, I think she can hear my heartbeat, she raised her head and climb my body, she started kissing my lips and rubbing my hairy chest, I was feeling it but I wanted to pretend like nothing, but my d!ckson just won’t let me be, she took her hand downside and grab my hard d!ckson, her touch send signal to my brain that I didn’t know when I started kissing her back, I opened my eyes and saw her on top me.

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