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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 8
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I walk out of the house and sat in front of the gate looking at the street, I sat there thinking, I know what am going to do I will have to kill the president son.

This is definitely an estate with the beautiful houses and beautiful flowers they used in beautifying the street, I was watching people passing and they keep starring me like a killer, of course am a killer but am not chow yun fat.

Asibi came out from the gate and walk to me.
“Let me guess she send you to get me” I said.
“Not really, I know you are frustrated” she said sitting with me.

*why do you say so?” I ask.

“Oh well because you came out from prison only to see your girlfriend married to another person” she said.

“And what makes you think am frustrated?”
“Because if am you I will be too” she said.
“And what would you do if it were you?” I ask.
“Oh well under the circumstances I will let it go because I am the reason she did it anyway” she said.

“Really? Okay” I said.
“But I know you are not going to let it go” she said.

“You are right, I won’t” I said.
“So what do you plan to do?” She ask.
“You don’t need to know” I said standing up and walking back to the house.

“Don’t do something stupid that will get all of us killed” she said.

“You haven’t see stupid yet and relax, only two people has to die.” I said.

I open the gate and enter the compound, I walk straight to my room and sleep on the bed, minutes later Edna walk in.

“I bought something for you, I know you will need it” she said and drop the package on the bed, she walk out.

I open it and saw new phone with sim card including airtime, I put the sim on the phone and the first number I dial is Tina’s number, of course I know it off head.

“Hello” she said.
“I thought you would have changed your number by now?” I said.

“Ozila my love, now why should I change my number when I know I will be receiving call from my love?” She ask.

“Am glad you are alright, it means you will be hundred percent fit when we meet each other again” I said.

“Oh yeah, but I can’t say the same of you, tell me how do you feel when you heard that your love Edna has gotten married?” She ask.

“Of course I felt bad but she did it for me so am okay with it” I said.

“Lie, if I know you well I will say you are planning something to eliminate him now” she said.

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