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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 5
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I was sleeping and in my dream I felt somebody touching me, I opened my eyes and light emanate inside my eyes making me unable to decipher who is sitting beside me on my bed, I close my eyes and open it again and yes this time the face is clearer.

“Hello love” said Edna.

I didn’t answer I just smile and then sadness took over after I remembered how she abandoned me in the prison.

“Ozila” she called my name.

I didn’t answer i just sit up and look her straight in the face and ask.

“It wasn’t easy love, I had to pull many strings before they agreed to transfer you” she said.
“I didn’t expect it to take this long” I said.

“Oh well many things happened in your absence, I keep disturbing my father but he never listen, they said they will kill you in prison so I did the only thing I could do” she said.

“And what’s that?” I ask.
“I married the president son”
“What?” I shouted.

I stood up from the bed and started packing my things.

“What are you doing?” She ask.
“Getting out of here” I said.

“See I did all this for you, the many men you see that help us attack the car do you think I just pick them from the street, we have a lot of guys now to help us get Tina, see am sorry I did all this in your absence but its the only way out for you” she said

“Oh well Edna, if its up to me I would rather sacrifice myself in prison than allow you marry somebody else” I said with anger.

“Come on do you really think I will let you die in prison, And if you die what would remain of me? Beside its just a marriage which I can walk out from anytime am done with him” she said almost crying.

“You cant just walk out from a presidential wedding unless you want to be a sacrificial lamb” I said.

She came to me and hold my hands tight looking at me straight in the face.

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