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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 4
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“What’s up nigga?” Taiye ask as she open the door.

“What took you guys so long?” I ask.
“You should ask your madam, is that your way of thanking us self?” she said giving way for us to come down.

After coming down I turn back and face the other prisoners.

“You are on your own now” I said walking away from them, they ran away from the scene as the twins direct me to their car.

There was blood everywhere and if am to guess the number of police men killed it should be more than twenty, our men took little hit too because five of them are lying dead.

“Where do you get those men from?” I ask the twins.

“Madam will tell you that” they said.
The men am seeing here are more than fifty with eight cars, I wonder were Edna summon them from, I enter their car and then they zoom off and enter the beautiful city of abuja, I sat in between the twins and another girl is on the wheel, am glad that am out of prison now it is time for battle or so I thought.

Before we enter the city our car stop and then the twins gave their guns to the other girls following us, after giving them the guns they divert to another place while only our own car enter the city, me, the twins and the girl on the wheel.

The city is beautiful of course and dull, I will prefer to live in Lagos than abuja, that’s just my own opinion don’t take it personal.

I don’t know where they are taking me to, the only thing I can detect from the city are beautiful lights and fine houses.

Finally our car stop in front of one upstair building, taiye came down from the car to open the door, she open it and the strange girl enter the Beautiful house, I came down and followed them inside, the inside was fine too, I make myself at home and took some juice drink.

“So where is Edna?” I ask nobody is particular.
“I just called her now that the operation was successful and she will be here any moment from now” the strange girl replied.

“In the meantime go and take your shower let me prepare something good for you” said taiye.
I stood up from the chair and followed her to the bathroom, after showing me the bathroom she left me there, I open shower and shower my body, I stay in the shower for twenty minutes even the girls were worried that they came to know what’s happening.

“Its been long I enjoy shower so let me be please” that was my reply.

After shower I enter the room taiye showed me and I saw some wears on top the bed, I help myself with them and then relax on the bed, I didn’t know when sleep enter my eyes.

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