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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 3
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I see the nurse every weekend and she continue to administer drugs for me, the fever will go one day and return the next day, it was like magic and even the nurse gave up, she said I need to visit the hospital, I begged to be taken to hospital but they refused, they said somebody need to come and pay for my fees before I can be taken to a good hospital and since there is nobody then I will remain in the prison and even die there that they don’t care.

Of course I know they don’t care I don’t need to be told, I always remain in my cell sitting or sleeping in my bed, I rarely eat food because no appetite but dogo always force me to eat saying that he don’t want me to die that I have revenge to carry out, he is right though I have someone to kill and her name is Tina
Almost one year after Edna last visit me, I forget about Tina and accept my fate that I will die here, the sickness refuse to go, one day two police men came, they told me to pack all my belongings that I have be transferred to kuje prison in abuja, I was happy at least Edna did not forget me as I thought.

I pack my things and hug dogo telling him I won’t forget him, they took me out of my cell and put me inside a van with two other prisoners, we wait for three hours or more before we finally leave around maybe nine in the morning, we enter road to abuja.

We are in the middle of two police van, one in front and one in back and the police men are heavily guarded with arms and ammunition as if they are expecting something, of course they should be expecting something for sure because they are not safe and they will soon be the prisoner.

Nothing happened along the way and I started thinking if it was Edna that want my transfer because is she’s the one then at least something must have happened by now, we pass many cities and many forest nothing happen and almost getting to abuja after Kaduna our van started slowing down and I started wondering what the problem is, our car slow down and stop then we heard noises outside as if the police men are talking to each other, it seems like they are removing something from the road because I heard something like bottle.

Few minutes later we started hearing gunshots everywhere, there is no space for us to see what’s going on so we just keep hoping that nothing happen to us because the shots can make someone pee, the gunshots continue and even our car took some hits, the shot continue for more than twenty minutes, the noises started reducing miinute by minutes and then there was total silence, a heavy gunshot in the back of our van put us to our feet, we stood up looking at the back of the van to see who the person is, the door open and there standing in front of us are the dangerous black axe twins, honestly I do miss them.

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