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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 27
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“So what will be my fate after all this?” I ask.
“Of course they gonna kill you, I think they will take you to court and then kill you after that, I need you to confess before I hand you over, you are lucky am the one doing this if not your face would have be soaked with blood now” she said.

“At least my child will be safe, how do I even know you have her?” I ask.

“Of course I know you will ask, so let me make it easy”.

She took her phone and dial a number, she put it on speaker and Annabel picked it”

“Hello madam” Annabel answered, her voice brought fresh energy into my body.

“How are you and the baby annabel” Tina ask.
“We are fine, treasure is desperate to see you” annabel replied.

“Oh well tell her I will drop by later in the evening, bye for now” she cut the call.
“Treasure” I said.

“Yeah, that’s her name” Tina replied.
I was silent for some minutes before I finally speak out.

“Okay I will confess” I said.

“Now you are talking, be prepared your hearing is next week” she said and walk out.

I didn’t see her again, the other police men always take me out in the hot afternoon to stay in a small prison box like animal, I guess I deserve it anyway, I didn’t hear from taiye or kehinde, though I know there is nothing they can do, no visitor was allowed to visit me and I was left alone with my fate until the day of my hearing.

Nobody was allowed inside except some newscasters and some police men, I speak before everybody that the minister was responsible and I was sent by his daughter, that’s how I started war against two great politicians, battle between the governor and the minister.

I was sent to life imprisonment just like last time, only this time there is no hope of escape, am even surprise because I thought I will be killed immediately, oh well I still have some hope.

I was taken to a dungeon not even a cell, and I was left to die there without any food or water, seven days past nobody came to visit, no food or water, I don’t think am in a cell I will rather fall it hell, the worst thing is that I don’t even know where I am.

The End.

After leaving me for dead, the battle between the minister and the governor started, I heard Edna ran to london to meet her husband, but that can’t stop the governor from killing her because the president won’t allow the minister to be sent to jail because they are friends and from same region, so the governor decided to kill his daughter back since he can’t have the minister in jail so who else will he send to London if not Tina? the worst thing is that Edna is the only daughter the minister has, he need someone he can trust to protect his daughter someone that can protect Edna with his life, someone close to her, that’s where the search for me began, do you think I can protect her from Tina with my baby still with Tina? Oh well let’s see that in the next season, we will meet in London.

Watch out for brouhaha 7: retaliation

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