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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 25
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The stadium is located at elekahia I think and the name of the stadium is yakubu gowon stadium, the stadium was called liberation stadium before they change it in honor of the former head of the state, there are many hotels close to the stadium, and I saw one big tall hotel in front of the stadium, I went over there and payed for a room, I book a room in the tenth floor because in order for me to carry out my mission I need to be able to see everything, when I get to the room I opened the window and what I saw make me smile, I can see the entrance of the stadium there is noway I cannot see Tina from this spot, I arrange the sniper gun and position it straight to the stadium, I lock the hotel room door to make sure no disturbance, I walk back to the spot and started searching for Tina, it’s almost four and she should be here any minute from now.

Around 3:45, I saw their convoy, so many police car I can’t even figure out the one carrying Tina, so I started looking for the governor because she must probably be close to the governor, the police men were clearing the road for the governor as the car carrying him park, a police man opened the flagged car door and then the governor came out holding two lady’s hand, I look very well to see my Tina walking hand in hand with the governor, the other lady is the governor daughter, everywhere was filled up so many people trying to shake the governor, I wonder how she manage to get close to the governor like that, anyway I shouldn’t be surprise she’s a bitch anyway.

I focus my attention on Tina but she keep moving up and down, I still can’t get a good shot till they started walking inside the stadium, I target her back and pulled the trigger, the bullet hit her on the back but it didn’t enter, people started running up and down and since I cannot kill Tina or the governor so I target the only person I can kill, the governor daughter, I watch as she protect the governor inside the car leaving the innocent girl unprotected, I target the governor daughter and release the trigger.

the governor daughter fell down dead and then Tina screamed, I shot her again but the gun didn’t enter, I forgot she’s invisible now, the governor came out from the car running to her daughter, I target him and release the trigger but just in time Tina cover the governor.

Police gather around looking for the shooter, Tina was angry commanding the officers around, looking around then she saw the tall hotel, she point to the building and then battalions of police men started running to where I am, I dropped everything and run away, as I came out from the hotel the police saw me and started shooting, I started running in the express way while they keep chasing me, I heard the sound of helicopter and when I look up I saw two heavily armed copters hovering around me, that’s when I know my end is near.

The police surround me with guns and other weapons, I cannot go up and I cannot go down, even if I try to fly the helicopter will take me down, I stop running and started thinking of something to do, of course it was stupid killing the governor daughter but I can’t just see Tina happy without doing nothing, at least someone she’s protecting has died.

“Put your hands on your head and kneel down” I heard from my back.

Of course I had to obey because am surrounded, I just killed the daughter of the governor of rivers state so all eyes will be on me, I will be featured on CNN and BBC news, Ozila the notorius cultist killed daughter of the river state governor.

I was taken down, they put me inside a bus with chains all over my body, there are more than twenty police vehicle surrounding me so there is no way my friends can help me now.

They took me into a big facility and throw me inside the cell, after one hour they took me out covering my face, I think they took me to interrogation room, a room that is dark, they removed the scarf from my face to face total darkness, when they switch on the light I saw the devil sitting in front of me, I tried to stand up and straggle her only to find my hands chain to the chair.
“Relax dear you can not escape, infact let me on the TV for you to know what’s up” Tina said standing up.

There was nobody in the room except me and the devil, she switch on the TV and I saw the news.
“Ozila, a cultist and a lover to the president son wife who is married killed the governor daughter of rivers state, rumours had it that he was sent to kill the governor daughter because of some political reason, others said the daughter of the minister Edna is responsible.” the reporter said.

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