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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 24
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We met her outside the compound there is no gate self, we followed her inside the sixth floor and enter the one room apartment.

“I don’t like this room at all” I said the moment we enter.

“I concur” taiye support me.

“Come on, you said I should look for a hotel without fence, do you know how hard that is? You can even see they are trying to build a fence, this is the only hotel without fence in this rumoula, even if you go inside rumoula you still won’t see” kehinde said defending herself.

“Yeah you are right, we need to lay low and Tina knowing that I love luxury things she will try to search all the expensive hotels in PH” I said.

We all agreed to manage the hotel, it has TV and fridge, one bed and two chairs, I took my bath and eat the rice on the table, kehinde explain everything that happened to us, I enter bed and started thinking about annabel.

Does it mean am a father now? I think am the one that got her pregnant because I do remember I pourher my holy water when I was having sexx with her then, I just hope and pray it is true, even if it’s true nobody must know, I have to find her alone.

I didn’t know when I slept off only to wake up in the morning with the two girls still sleeping beside me, when they woke up we plan everything and how to execute the plan, we will all go to the stadium, the twins will enter the stadium watching Tina while I will stay in a tall building with a sniper position at her head, we didn’t want to tell Edna because she will oppose but we have to do it anyway to end everything once and for all, I just can’t wait to kill her.

We lay low till on Saturday, the D-day. The match is around four so we left home by three to make sure we watch Tina every move. I saw a big tall hotel in front of the stadium, I went over there.

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