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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 23
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“What, why would they do that? Where is she now?” I ask.

” I don’t know, why are you so interested in her anyway?” she ask.
“She’s my friend now, she’s the only friend I have in PH” I said.

“You haven’t even ask about your family, or are you responsible for her pregnancy?” she ask.

“For where, how my people?” I ask.

“They are fine, your brother cactus has join the army” she said.


“Yes, he is in lagos for now, the rest of us are fine, mummy keep asking of you I keep telling her you are in school, I can’t tell her the police are looking for you she will have heart attack” she said.

“Thank you dear sis, please how can I find annabel?” I ask.

“I don’t know, last I heard about her she was doing two work, day and night, she’s really trying I think she must have given birth now” she said.

“Do you have her number?” I ask.

“Yeah, but is no longer reachable, looks like she change her line” she said.

“Okay then”
With my inquiries I believed my sister must know that I have something to do with her pregnancy.
“I will find a way to contact her” she said.
“Alright thank you, it is time for us to start going” I said.

“Take care please, and give me your number” she said.

I gave her my number and then bade her goodbye as I throttle the power bike and speed off.

“So where are we going” I ask.

“Rumoula” taiye answered.
“Alright then” I said.

I enter main road and increase the speed only to see road block at amadi junction, the police are searching all vehicles using touchlights, I turn the bike around to follow another road, I went to follow another road and burst out from amadi main road, anywhere I see police road block I will turn around and follow another side, there are many roads in PH, so far you know your way then you are fine, so if they like they block all the express road.

Later around eight in the night we are already in garrison going to rumoula, there are road blocks everywhere and thank God t’s dark or else we will be in hot soup.

we got to rumoula and then kehinde direct us to the hotel where she is waiting for us, the hotel is not fine like the former one but it has a lot of space where someone can escape in case of any emergency.

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