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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 17
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“You are a criminal, I can’t hide you in my room” she said and started walking towards the door to open it, I quickly bring out short gun from my bag and point it to her.

“Stop” I said.

She turn around and when she saw the gun she screamed, I quickly cover her mouth with my hand and draw her inside.

“If you do exactly as I say nobody would get hurt, do you understand me?” She nod.

She sat on the chair while I keep looking around, the door, the window, sometimes I will peep through the hole in the door.

I look through the window and saw one police man telling maybe their oga that they didn’t see me, I thought they wanted to leave but instead they return inside the hotel, it took ten minutes before I notice that they are searching door to door, knowing that my plan won’t work I gently took my phone and call the unknown number, but it was switched off.

“Tell them am not here and if by chance they see me you will be the first person I will shoot, I will only target your stomach” I said to the woman.

The moment I mentioned her stomach she became scared and shake her head in agreement, I don’t have any intention of hurting her I just said so to put fear in her and the plan work, even if she tell them am inside I won’t shoot her, I cannot kill innocent pregnant woman.

I hide beside her bed inside the room and lock the door leaving her in the sitting room to handle the police men, I listen carefully as she open the door for them.

“Good day ma” the officer said.
“Good day, anything wrong?” she ask.
“Not you, we are looking for a criminal and we have been ordered to search all the room in this place hotel” the police man replied.

“But there is nobody here” she said.

“Please step aside mam” they commanded.
I guess she obeyed because I heard them as they search for me in the sitting room, I came out from where I was hidding beside the bed and hide at the back of the door, they tried to open it but they can’t because I lock it inside.

“Abeg come open this door” the officer commanded.

I don’t know how many they are but if am to guess I will say like five or six.

I heard the door creek open and as the lady push the door open she was the first person to enter so I grab her immediately and point the gun at the poor woman.

“Easy guy man, take am easy” the first police man said pointing his gun at me.

“If you want me to take it easy drop the gun” I said.

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