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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 16
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I know that must be Taiye, only she has that kind of commanding voice as if she owns everybody, I didn’t listen to her anyway I know what am doing, she repeat it three times maybe she think I didn’t hear so she came to the sitting room with big bedsheet following her.

“ozila, didn’t you hear me calling you to lower the TV?” She blasted.

“I heard you I just want to inform you that its morning already or are you not going for the ticket again?” I ask.

“I will go by eleven, and also your phone is ringing inside room” she said walking away.

I wonder why she didn’t bring the phone with her, I followed her to carry my phone and when I check the screen I saw three missed calls from Edna, I didn’t want to call her back I just drop the phone on the table.

Later on the girls dress up and leave me alone in the room as they left for the ticket, there is not much to do aside watching TV, around two the twins are yet to be back, I wonder what is keeping them oh, I heard my phone ping and when I check the screen I saw message like.

“Ozila, leave the hotel now” the message is from an unknown number, I didn’t waste time as I quickly grab the money and my other things, I package everything inside my small backbag, before leaving I look at the window and saw three police vehicle surrounding the hotel, I was confuse because there is no way I can escape from them because the building is fence, and they have already surrounded the fence, and some men already enter the building, without wasting much time I ran out from my room and started running down the stairs, getting to 301 block I heard many footsteps coming in, then I know they are near so I return back to the fourth block and enter one room that I don’t even know who is inside.

“Who are you?” A voice from inside and when I turn I saw an innocent pregnant woman.

“Are you here alone?” I ask her.
“I ask you a question, how can you just come inside my house, you don’t have the right, leave now” she was shouting and I didn’t even listen to her as I keep checking through the window, she was hearing noise so she check the window and saw the police too.

“So its you they are looking for, he is here oh, he is here oh” the lady started screaming which made to do what I didn’t want to do.

“Madam keep quiet now, I will leave you once am free please” I said.

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