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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 14
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“Come on I was only joking, so go back” I said.
“You are not serious” she said and climb the tub, I keep looking at her as she join me on the tub, I wasn’t on the mood to have sex with any other person, and there is no way I will have sex with her.

“Okay enjoy your bath” I said and came out from the tub, I took the towel she removed from her body and she stand up

“What, you don’t like me or is it because am not as beautiful like your Edna?” She ask.

“I like you but I don’t want to have sex with any person at all, am not in the mood, I even shun Edna too so don’t think that I don’t like you or you are not beautiful, am just not into it at all” I said and walk out, leaving her there I enter the room, I peep the sitting room and saw the other twin watching TV, I changed my dress and wear black trouser and yellow T-shirt, I enter the sitting room.

“What are you watching?” I ask her.

“Nothing interesting at all, you look good where are you headed” she ask.

“Just wanna grab something outside” I said.
“Okay, let me follow you then, will like to get somethings too” she said standing up.

“No, I want to go alone, its a personal something” I said trying to stop her from following me.

“I don’t agree, you want to go visit that girl abi? I hope you know its night I can’t just let you walk off like that” she said

“Okay fine, am not going again good luck with your outing” I said angrily and walk to the chair to sit down, I took the remote and change the station to Nickelodeon, they were showing mutant turtle so I concentrated on the cartoon as Kehinde remain standing watching me.

“So you seriously won’t go out again?” She ask.

“Out to where, who is going out?” Taiye walk in with white bumshot with singlet, there is no bra oh, If she think the dress will move me then she’s dead wrong.

“He wanted to go and buy something and when I ask to follow him he refuse and said he won’t go again” Kehinde reported.

“Hmmmm reporter, don’t forget to add title, aim, theory, observation, conclusion and even precaution oh” I said.

“What’s all that?” Taiye ask.

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