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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 11
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“That one is definitely different dear, but since you insist you want to go no problem, but you stick to the plan okay”

“Alright I won’t do anything stupid, I promise” I said and walk out.

I look for the twins and told them that Edna has agreed that I will follow them to Port, they didn’t say anything they just nod because they are still sleeping.

That day everything went on smoothly and when its dark we get set to travel to Port, we took our weapon and hide them on our car, Edna gave us some money to aid us on our travel and then she kissed me goodbye, after telling them to take care of me, I know she’s worried but I can’t just stay here and be watching her call her so called husband everyday, it hurt me.

Everywhere was quite with street light flashing everywhere, abuja is a quiet and neat city, things happen only in the day and when its dark everybody has gone back to their house to sleep, maybe they are just lazy people, am not saying the town is not fun, they do have fun but not like Lagos, I will prefer to stay in Lagos because its lively day and night.

“Can we visit the president son house before we leave?” I ask from the back.

“What do you want to see there?” Taiye ask sitting close to her sister on the wheel.

“Nothing just want to see the handsome man my girlfriend married to” I lied.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason? anyway I don’t think he will be at home?” She said.

“Why” I ask with eagerness
“He is not always around, always outside the country, do you think if he is around your girlfriend will have time to be with you?” Taiye questioned.

“I don’t know, okay let’s just pass there so that I know their house” I plead.

“Nope, PH is where we are going” Taiye said with commanding voice.

“Hey, I hope you don’t forget am the leader of this group?” I said.

“Edna’s cult not our own” she retorted.
“Yeah, and both of you are under Edna, so ironically both of you are under me, so I say let’s visit the president son house” I said with anger.

Kehinde looked at Taiye and then she signaled her to concur, she turn from the main road and divert to another road which I don’t know.

“Thank you” I said.

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