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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 9
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“We need to find a place to hide then when everything cool down we can travel out” I said as we walk down to rumoula with our heads down.

“Trust me this will only get worse, they will keep searching all hotel in port the best we can do now is to sneak out”

“That’s impossible with the way things are going now, we can’t leave the city” I said.

“Yeah I know that, we can’t leave in a commercial bus nor vehicle then we have to travel to aba and then from there we take a bus going to Lagos, when we get to Benin city we will come down” said Edna.

“That’s a nice plan but why can’t we just take a bus from aba to benin instead of boarding Lagos own?” I ask.

“Because they will search all vehicles going to benin, they won’t suspect any bus going to
Lagos” she said stopping and facing me.

“Okay okay, that’s a nice plan let’s just go to aba” I added.

We stop at rumoula motor park and wait for a direct bus going to Aba, we enter the front sit and
we didn’t mind that we are the first people inside the bus, the bus stop in other bus stop looking for passengers and there delaying us, seeing the condition Edna told the conductor to forget about other passenger that we will pay for the sit, the driver look happy as he speed off
forgetting the remaining six passengers to complete the bus, he shouldn’t worry anyway since we will pay for the sit.

When we get to oyigbo we saw mobile police on the way, they were looking very vigilant as if
they are on the look out for something, seeing them Edna quickly gave the driver five hundred
naira to give the police man, when we get there the driver give the police man hundred naira

instead of the five hundred and they let us pass without searching.

“Why didn’t you give him the five hundred?” Edna ask the driver.

“Because he will suspect something is wrong, na fifty naira and hundred naira them they collect”

said the driver.

“Okay thank you”.
We pass many road blocks on the way even army, the driver just settle them with money and
they let us pass without disturbing.

We reach our destination around six in the evening, we came down and started looking for the bus going to Lagos, we were directed to one long vehicle called “ifeanyichuku” we book and ticket and enter the bus, since the bus is not yet full we decided to explore the market, the place is quite busy with people selling different type of things,

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