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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 8
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I woke up later in the evening and after looking everywhere with no sign of Edna, I was worried
so I quickly got up and wear my shot, standing up I saw Edna sitting gently on the sofa watching

“I thought you left” I said after relieving myself.

“Where can I go without you?” She said smiling.

“Am hungry”
“There is food on the table let’s go and eat” she said standing up.
“Okay dear”.
We walk to the table and started eating gently.
“I don’t we should run away” I said.
“What do you think?” She ask.
“I think we should stay and fight”.
“ how can we fight them with no weapon?”
“Oh well, don’t you know anybody that can supply us with weapons?” I ask.

“I know but they are not here, I only have friends in benin, but I doubt if they can help us, but they can supply us with weapon” she said.
“Oh well that’s all we need, just weapon” I said thinking out loud.

“Come on even with weapons we still can’t win, they are too many for us”
“So we should just run away to meet your dad?”

“If you want to survive of course I will fight with you but what am concern about is your safety, I
just want you to be save” she said..

“Come on, I can’t just live in fear watching my back all the time”.

“ I think its the best thing to do since we don’t have anybody to join us fight them”

“At least we will have element of surprise because they won’t expect us to fight back” I said standing up to the window, I look down and saw people moving peacefully, I wish I have the
power to move freely too, as I turn back wanted to go and sit down I saw something coming

straight to us from another building, immediately I saw it I run to Edna and we both run our of
the room before the rocket strike, the explosion throws down the stairs as there was
pandemonium everywhere, everybody was trying to run away from the fire, Edna raise me up
asking me if am alright, I told her yes and join the people leaving the hotel, withing ten minutes
people have gathered around the hotel as they watch the hotel burning to pieces, they called
fire service men but they are nowhere to be found, we enter the crowd and disappear out of site and on our way she said..

“Okay I think we should fight back”
I smiled.
The worst thing is that we don’t have any friend here that can supply us with weapons, Edna
only have friends Benin and for us to go there would be a problem, by now Tina and her men
would have block all the road, even police are looking for us too since Tina has put bounty on
our head any body can just put a bullet on our head wether police or civilian we cant trust
anybody now only ourself.

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