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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 7
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“Oh God, please don’t leave my side ever again, I was really worried” she said as she sat close to me on the bed with her shot and big shirt.

“Am sorry dear I won’t, I bought some dress and a phone” I said looking at her.

“That’s good, but we need to change hotel, they might have followed you here” she said rubbing her sexy hand on my head.

“I don’t think so but since you say we should change hotel then let’s do it, am really sorry I put you in all this mess” I said.

“Oh come I should be the one apologising, I know the rules before I broke it, but I don’t regret falling in love, do you? She ask.

“ of course no, falling in love with you makes me to understand what real love is” I said looking at her.

She smile and then sit ontop me, she remove her big jacket exposing her white bra.

“Falling in love with you is the best thing in my love, I love you dear” she said and kiss me while
on my body, I fall back on the bed as we engage our self in kiss, I turn her to the bed and stay
ontop her, I remove my shirt and continue kissing her, she turn me back again and then I use
my hand to remove her bra showing her nice boobson and tip, she place the right one my moth
and I started kissing it gently, I tur her over again and continue kissing her boobson, I bend
down and remove her short while I also remove my trouser, I bend down kissing her nice
shaved puss, she open her leg wide giving me free access, I lick her puss as she rub my head
and m0an in pleasure, I put my tongue inside and lick it very well and then she started squizzing
my head like she’s vibrating, she later stop me and then turn me over, she rub spit on my

d!ckson and started sU-Cking it like a baby, I relax on the bed feeling the pleasure and when I
can’t take it anymore I raise her up and then she sir ontop me and started riding me like a cow,
she continue fvcking me softly and then I sat up and started kissing her as she ride me, we kiss
and fvck and then I turn her and continue the fvcking, the pleasure is out of this word is like I
haven’t had sexx for long, we continue turning each others in bed till I cumm inside her, after
sweet sexx I lay on the bed to sleep and then I felt her touch, she was rubbing my head as I
sleep calmly like a baby..

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