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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 5
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“How are we going to get there when everybody is looking for us?” I fired.
“We just have to get to the airport” she said.
Oh well if we are going to be flying to abuja then I better be ready because u have not enter
plane before, but how can we just walk to her dad after so many years of been away? There are
so many questions running through my mind but I can’t ask her because I want her to rest, she
need her strength now more than ever because the battle is going to be long.

“Why can’t we just let the police men take us at least we will be more guarded?” I ask.

“Trust me, those men are working for Tina”
“How do you know that, What if its your dad that send them?”

“He can’t because my step mum won’t let him” she said.

“Oh I see, we need to find a place to rest then when everything calm down we will continue our
journey” I said.

“So what do you have in mind?”.
As she said that we pass one nice hotel and suite along the express way before romoula
junction beside one big Catholic church, we came down and pay the driver, we walk back to the
hotel but before that I told Edna to wait for me as I run to one diamond bank close by to withdraw some money, I return and saw Edna still sitting on the sofa drinking yoghurt, I pay for
the yoghurt and walk to the hotel attendance, we book a room on the sixth floor, we walk inside
and then I rush to take my bath and before I come out of tbs bathroom Edna is already sleeping.

I cover her body and walk out of the hotel, I saw one man selling face cap so I bought one to

cover my face, I took a taxi to garrison park and cross to the area where they sell phones, I
bought one small Samsung phone and then as I turn back to leave I saw a white van stopping in
front of the unity bank close to where I am standing, I hide In one shop and continue looking at the van, nobody came out of the van the van just park there I don’t who is inside or if they will see me if I leave this store, it can’t be Tina because there is no way she can trace me here so I summon courage and walk out of the store bending my face downward, immediately I came out the car door open and then three girls came out of the car with guns, the moment I saw them I
started running and they started chasing me, seeing that am outrunning them they started
shooting me not minding the civilians, everybody started running helter skelter, four people are
already on the ground with a pool of blood.

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