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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 4
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“Yes, they don’t know we are here”
“Okay that’s good, buy we can’t stay here for long”

“I know but you need your rest please” I said in a soft voice.

“Yes, go out and look for a place we will stay, come back and carry me because staying here is
a risk” she said.

“Okay but I don’t have any money with me”
“That’s no problem, I still have my ATM” she said signaling me to check the small pus on the
table, I check it and saw her gt bank ATM card, I took it and walk back to her.

“Please switch on the television” she said with soft voice.

I walk there and on the TV, unfortunately they were showing what happened on the highway
and how a group of cultist slaughter each other at eleme junction with more than thirty people
dead, rumours had it that the battle between the two groups black axe and white angels is not
over and the leader of white angel has place a bounty of one million naira on anybody that can
bring the head of one miss Abubakar Zainobe sport minister daughter, popularly known as
Edna, it was gathered that she’s the cause of all the blood shed after she kidnap the leader

Immediately they said that I look at Edna and she’s has already started removing the drip from her hand.

“What are you doing? I ask.
“ you heard them, they are framing me for everything its only a matter of time before they find us”.

“But you can’t leave like this”
“I have to or else we will be dead within one hour, help me up please” she said.

I have no choice than to help her up.
“Take my ATM go and pay for my treatment while I put myself together” she said.
I took her ATM and walk to the balcony, I saw the same nurse on the table and ask her our bill,
she told me and then I gave her the ATM, I insert the code and pay. I thank her and as I turn to
return to the room I saw six mobile police men coming from the outside gate, I run to Edna and
saw her already set.

“Time to go the police are here” I said.
“I thought as much” she said.

I hold her hand and we pass through the back door and escape, we followed the back of
another compound and come to waterline road, we saw taxi going to express way so enter

“So where should we go to now?” I ask.
“We need to find a way to escape port Harcourt”
“And go where?”
“Abuja, time to visit my dad” she said.

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