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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 3
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“Hello am looking for the lady that was brought in earlier this morning” I said to one of the nurse.

“Are you her relative?” The nurse ask.
“No am her friend I brought her in” I said.
“Oh I see, you brought her in and you just left like that? How do you expect us to treat her when
we don’t know who will pay us?” She ask.

“I don’t know I thought you people are train to save life?” I fired.

“Mr man I hope you know this a private specialist hospital, not a government owned” she said.

“Please am sorry, I will be the one to pay I just rush back to get something” I said.

“Oh well she said something about being a minister daughter and when we check she was right so we quickly administer treatment, I think she’s stable now and sleeping” the nurse added.

“Oh thank God, where is she can I see her?”
“Yes, I will take you to her” she said.

I follow her from behind as we pass many nurse and patient on the passage way, she stop at
one room and open it and there I saw my Edna sleeping like a baby with drip flowing through
her vein.

“Don’t wake her up” the nurse said as she walk away.

I walk gently to her and pull a sit, I sat close to her watching her breath like a baby, she’s so
beautiful I know many Muslim girls are beautiful but her own is out of this word, I still wonder
why shes still here in Nigeria when her father is a minister, the day I ask her she said she will tell
the story another day, am praying for her to wake up so that she will tell me the story.

As I continue gazing at her I just can’t help myself so I took her hand and started rubbing it, she breath and then open her eye, she turn and saw me smiling, she look around and ask.

“Where are we?”
“In a hospital” I said.

“Oh, (she recall) you just drop me yesterday and disappear huh?” She said.
“Am sorry my love, I had to stand watch to make sure we are safe” I said.
“So are we safe?”

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