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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 28
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“How did they know?” I keel asking.
“I brought them, now keep shut and help us” she said.

I didn’t know when I hug her and gave her a peck, I was filed with new energy as I told them to cover me, I started running towards the battle front and as I get closer to the enemy if they want
to shot me I will jump and hide beside a tree or a block, while my girls from behind will shot
them, I manage to pick an Ak 47 with ammunitions, I load and started firing them like am now a god that was reborn, I saw the twins hanging on a coconut tree shooting from outside the mansion, I smile at them and then I started shooting the enemy sporadically, seeing that I am
mad Edna and Asibi join me while we take the battle to them, we fight them like mad dog till
they started retreating.

I look at the top of the mansion and a guy positioning a rocket laucher, before I could shot the person he has already laugh the grenade and it came right at us, it fling us into different areas,
the ladies came at us with all their might as they saw how we were thrown away by the grenade
but the twins manage to put them in check, they throw a smoke from the tree which cover every
area, it allow us to regain ourself and then started our killing again, o ran out of bullet so I took a rugged knife and started killing them they can’t see me because of the smoke, when the smoke finally clear the grenade launcher position his launcher to the coconut tree, I took a shot gun
and staryed shooting him but the bullet did not hit him but it gave the twins little time to climb

down from the tree, before he throw the grenade they were already down.

Asibi and Edna were busy with the ladies on the ground so I took the shot gun and climb the
pillar to the top of the house, as the launcher position his launcher to Edna and Asibi I tiptoed
from his back without him noticing and slize his throat, that’s when I realize that the person is
not even a “he” but a “she” and its none other person than lady Gaga.

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