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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 27
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When I open my eyes again I saw myself tied to a chair, I look around and saw that we are in
front of the mansion and Edna is kneeling down while Asibi is tied beside me..

“Oh well he is back” Tina said holding a gun.
“Please don’t do this Tina, I will do anything you want, please is it not love I will love you please don’t kill her” I was saying and also crying.

“Hahahaha now you want to love, well its too late” she said and walk in front of Edna…
“Now who is the master?” She ask.

“You are disgrace to white angel, you made a deal and go against it” Edna said and spit on her

Tina slap Edna and said.

“You swore and oath to protect me but yet you went to my back and started sleeping with my
guy, you are not only a disgrace to your sisterhood you are also a disgrace to women and
motherhood” Tina said and hit her on her head.

I was already crying because there is nothing I can do, with so many men surrounding us even
army won’t be able to rescue us without world war 3.

“Time for you to go, say your last prayer” Tina said.

“Just do it bitch” Edna said and started looking at me, Tina point the gun to her head and then I
close my eyes, after some seconds I heard gunshot then I know my love is dead.
I heard a gunshot and another one, I didn’t want to open my eyes to see her then suddenly
somebody grip my hand and said.

“Come on it’s time to go” I recognized the voice to be that of Edna, I thought I have been shot also and we are in hell because when I open my eyes there was pandemonium everywhere,

everybody was running away and when I look at Tina she has been shot on her hand and her
girls are trying to pull her back.

Edna loose us and we escape and hide inside beside one tree.

“What’s going on?” I ask Edna.

“Your BA twins that’s whats happening” she said shoting Tina’s men as they parade us like ant.

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