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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 26
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I fall the chair and started crawling to the edge of the room where I saw a small nail, I keep
crawling for minutes till I get there, I took the nail and started punching the ropewhichyis very
strong, I continue for hours till the door flung open, two bad girls came in and saw me struggling to free myself, they raised me up and tie the rope very well.

“You are an idiot, even if you manage to cut yourself lose how will you manage to escape with
more than 50 people at the gate?” One of the lady said hitting me on the face..

“Come on your love is here” she said.

They took me up and into the beautiful compound, they put me inside a van and speed off, I don’t know where we are going to because everywhere is covered, after few minutes we stop and then I heard her voice from outside.

“Bring him out”
I know the voice belongs to Edna, I was angry why she agree to such deal but anyway I know
she won’t stay and watch me die so am not surprise.

They brought me out and then I saw her in far end of the tarred road with the soldier girl, they
are on a bike.

Edna came down and started walking towards me, one of the girl push and command me to
start walking too, we meet each others half way and then we hug.

“Why?” I ask.
“Don’t come back for me” she said.
“I can’t let you die” I said.

“Promise me you won’t come back please”
“Of course I will come back” I said crying.
“Please if you really love me promise to stay off please” she started crying which touch me

“Okay I promise, I promise” I said as we kiss very hard.

“That’s enough start moving” one of the girl shouted.

“I love you dearly” Edna said as she break up.
“I love you too” I said looking at her as she walk to their van, Asibi came to me and push me to climb the bike, as she throttle to move a bomb came from nowhere and hit us, I pass out.

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