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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 22
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I know it is time, but time for what exactly?
Oh well I don’t need to start explaining do I?

A heavy shot or should I call it bomb blow our car up and the car started to Summersault or
rather summer tumble, I was hitting my head on the edge of the cell which was very painful and
at last I hit my forehead on the door and pass out, I later open my eye and then I heard the door
open with heavy grip, I saw twovbeautiful lady like and angel was sent to carry me, in my mind I
was like.

“Oh boy see seven virgins they welcome me to heaven” I know am a Christian but have been
fu-Cking a Muslim girl and I love her so maybe odds has change.

The first lady grip my wrist were they handcuff me and started dragging me out of the vehicle,
they thought I was out but I was seeing everything that’s going on, they drag me inside their Camry car and speed off, I was in the back between two ladies one was plumpy while the other one was slim, the two ladies that drag me out of the car occupy the front row, one riding while the other one making calls.

“Yeah we have him now, we are on our way” she said.

I know that must be Tina on the other line, the accident happened between Owerri and port
Harcourt road which am very familiar with so it’s obvious they are taking me port Harcourt, the garden city.

My eyes were heavy so I gently close them and didn’t even know when sleep took me off.
When I open my eyes again I saw myself in a boat, I was surprise to see myself in a wide and
big river in that I shock and wanted to run, they hold me down and when I look at their faces

they are all females and they are not smiling at all.

“Welcome back Ozila” the one that drag me out said, looking at me straight in the eyes as if she want to put a bullet in my head, I believe she would have if not that she have instructions.

“Where are we going?” I ask.
“You didn’t even ask who we are and you are asking where we are going” the same girl replied.

“I know you girls already, I just need to know where we are going” I said with more confidence.

“When we reach there you go know” one light skinned girl replied with her open teeth that can
withstand erosion..

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