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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 20
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I heard their footstep coming towards us and there is no way we can escape because we have
no gun and they are heavily armed, with we way we dress they will surely think we are the
robbers and if they catch two of us it will be bad for us so I decided to play smart.

I saw Edna holding her knife to fight which I know she can’t win and as she back me she didn’t
know when I raised my hand up and hit her on the back of her head, she pass out while I quickly
jump up from the gutter, they quickly position their guns straight at me and they command me to hands up and kneel down.

“Wetin you they do for here?” One of the police ask.

“I came to buy Suya” I said.
“So why you come hide for gutter?”
“I heard gunshots so I ran away but when I saw you guys coming I was scared and hide there” I

“You nor be like person wey they fear na” another man said.

They search me and when they didn’t see anything they told me to run home, I was glad and when I wanted to make a move the leader stop me and walk in front of me, he look my face very well then said.

“I know you, you are the cultist from port Harcourt, the one they put bounty on” he said.
“No oh am not a cult…..” I didn’t finish my word before he hit his gun on my head, I passed out..
I woke up and saw myself in a dark room, I was tied to a chair, I tried to free myself but it seems
the rope used was gotten from native doctor because it won’t even shake not to talk of lose, I
was frustrated and I started yelling and shouting, I just hope Tina is not my captor, I look around

the room but I can’t see anything because the room is just too dark, after serious shouting
without any result I give up and just lay there like that..

Thirty minutes later the door open and someone walk in, the person switch on the light and i
was relief to see the police man.

“So you are Ozila the bag guy, so where is the other lady with you Edna?” He said walking
around me.

“What are you going to do with me?” I ask..
“That depends on you if you cooperate” he said.

“What do you want?”

“Your friend Tina is offering one million wether dead or alive, how much can you offer?” He ask
looking at me.

“I don’t have any money”

“Oh shot up the lady you are walking with her father is a minister” he said.

“And I hope you also know her father disown her long ago, she have nobody else just me” I

“Then I have no choice than to give you up, am sorry I believe the society won’t miss you, at
least when she kill you we will have one less cultist to worry about” he said going away.

“You are a police man, you are suppose to arrest her not negotiate with her”

“And let the one million naira slide?

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