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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 19
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On weekend they travel from Auchi to Benin, we welcome them and thank them for joining us,
after they settle we told them our plan that we will go to port to end everything, they look good
like a fighter, one is dark and the other yellow with strong face.

We train everyday with guns and swords, we did our best to make sure we are on good fittings
before the battle. It wasn’t easy but we have hope at least, if we can kill Tina all the hatred and
chase will die down even though they will still be looking for us to kill at least it won’t be that
One day in the evening around seven p.m me and Edna sat in front of the house discussing.

“I wish I can get a place to buy Suya meat” Edna said.

“Seems like we are thinking the same thing, maybe we can get one if we walk outside” I said.

“No, I don’t want us to go out”
“come on its dark already, who will recognise us? Nobody know us here.”

“That’s the problem, as a stranger people will suspect”

“Suspect what? Come on it won’t be bad to just stroll out a little”

“Okay then, let me tell the others first” she said and got up, she later came back wearing
Cardigan, she gave me and said.

“Put it on let’s go”
“Yes ma lady”

We came out from the street and started walking towards airport road, we walk for five minutes
and still yet no sign of Suya, I was frustrated because Edna will soon give up though I keep
talking so that she won’t mind the time or distance, we keep on walking for another five minutes till we get to one junction in airport road, seems like the aboki is the only one in this area

because people surround him, I choose the preferred one and then walk back to Edna, we sat
beside one gutter while we wait for the Suya.
After few minutes we started hearing gunshots and then everybody started running helter
skelter, people ran in different directions while Edna just hold my hand and we hide beside one
building watching what’s going on, after some time we saw some guys with gun running away,
we look further only to see police men chasing them with guns, they throw tear gas which
spread to everywhere, come and see how people that hide under gutter came out and started running, one lady even faint on the road live.

We used our cloth to cover our nose while we sneak out of the area, after escaping the danger
zone we started running back home looking at our shoulders.

After three minutes of running we stop when we saw a police van coming straight at us, even if
we try to turn back they will catch us so we jump inside dirty gutter and hide, the police van pass
and then later stop, the van reverse back and some men jump down.

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