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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 18
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“Am sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you that’s why I left quietly, am really sorry”

“You are my priority, I don’t complain if you disturb me, if I lose you then what’s the need for me to continue living?” She said almost in tears.

“Am deeply sorry it won’t happen again” I said touching her.

“I just hope so, hope everything went well?” She ask after calming down.

“Yeah until I saw them”
“Saw who?”

“The BA twins, taiye and kehinde”
“Seriously? How did you escape?”
“Oh well they said they will keep watching to see who will survive between we and Tina, that
anyone survive will face them” I said.

“Oh well good to know they won’t be bothering us till then” she said.

“Yeah, I even tried to make them join us since they want revenge for their leader but they

“You don’t expect them to join before”
“No, but no harm in trying, so what’s the plan now?”

“I’ve told Asibi everything and she promise to supply everything we need, she will give us free
passage to travel anywhere with an army vehicle and guns, police or soldiers won’t stop us” she

“Waoh, that means we are ready for war, only if we have more men” I said.

“Yeah, but we have the upper hand since they wont know what hit them”

“Okay, so when do we leave?” I ask.
“In two to three days when we have fully recovered” she said.

“Alright then, I guess we should enjoy our self till then” I said and join her in bed.

“I guess so” she concluded as I plant a kiss on her lips and started kissing her, we engage in hot

sexx till we start breathing like Christmas goat, we went to the shower to bath.

It wasn’t easy for Asibi because she keep on making calls upon calls looking for a condemn
army car that they won’t look for when it go missing, she finally saw one in kano and her friend promise to transport it the next day, anytime she go to work she always return with different type of guns, she bought an army uniform for us with a fake ID card, she teach us what to say and how to greet if we come in contact with army men, she said it will be easy if we don’t fret out, if we can act normal everything will go fine..

Edna on her part keep calling friends asking for their favor but no one was willing to help, they
said they can’t betray mama (Tina) and any member caught helping us will be punish by death,

so at the end only two girls from Auchi poly agreed to join us, their excuse is that they hate Tina because she tried to kill them one time but when they escape she killed their boyfriend, they
said they will do anything to avenge their love, I was happy at least we won’t be alone again
even if they are not much but at least they can contribute.

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