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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 17
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I was confuse so I just stand there and then the one standing in front of me started walking
towards me, she came closer and then said.

“Tired of running?” She said.
“I don’t want trouble please” I said.

“You don’t understand, you started it when you killed our master so now we will kill you then
everything will be fine”

“I didnt kill your master, Tina did and now she want to kill me” I said as I saw the one with bike
coming closer with her bike maybe to hear what we are talking about.

“You expect us to believe that?” The other girl said as she came closer, I guess she’s the senior taiye.

“Didn’t you hear about the bounty” I said facing her.

“Oh good so the bounty was placed on you, no need killing you since they will, kehinde hop in
let’s go” she said and kehinde hop in.

“Come on you want revenge for your leader, why not team up with me to get your revenge” I
said begging them.

“Not really we will just watch you guys kill yourselves and whoever survive will die by our sword”

kehinde said and speed pass me..

They left me and then I walk to airport road and stop a bus back home.

I met Ed and her friend waiting for me.
“Where did you go to?”
“I have been worried since”
“How can you just leave without any message”
“Hope you didn’t encounter any problem?”
Edna didn’t even allow me enter before she started bombarding me with numerous questions as if am a child.

“Relax I just went to market to buy some stuff” I said dropping the bag and sitting on the chair.

She check the bag and said.

“So you risk your life for all this?”
“Of course we need them” I said.

She was disappointed she just drop the bag and walk to the room with anger, I was surprise so I
face her friend Asibi.

“What’s wrong with her?” I ask her.

“You of course, she has been dead worried, she have walk the whole estate looking for you”
she said.

“She was sleeping when I left I didn’t want to bother her because I felt she needed the rest”
“Oh well you could as well drop a note for her, you need to go in there and talk to her” she said.
I breath out and then walk inside the room and there I saw her laying on her bed, I sat close to

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