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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 15
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“Good morning ma” I said as we shake each other.

“How are you Ozila” she ask.
“Am fine, thanks” I said.
She face Edna and ask.

“Zainobe what’s wrong and where is Tina?” She said.

“My friend its a long story but we need a place to stay and something to eat” Edna said.
“Alright, then I will have to take you guys to my house” she said and walk back inside the base
telling us to wait for her.

“How did you know her?” I ask Edna after she left.

“From north, I help in her recruitment” she said.

“Oh I see”.

She came back with ladies bike telling us to hop in, we sat and then she took off, she and Edna
chat on the way asking about their family, she took to another street inside the airport road and
then after ten minutes she stop at one fine single house, we came and then she walk to the house and open.

“ feel free to come in” she said as we walk inside, the house is good and okay for a lady, she
show Edna every part of the room and then disappear again telling us she will be back in the
evening to hear the full gist, now that me and Edna are alone again what do we do?

Oh well I know you guys will be thinking otherwise, I enter shower and take my bath in which after that I saw Edna setting table for indomie she just cook, we ate for ten minutes and then we later land on her bed and snore off like dead people.

I woke up later around eleven and saw that Ed is still sleeping, I didn’t bother to wake her up as
I walk out of the bedroom and enter the sitting room, I on the TV on the wall and started watching sport news on independence television.

I wonder how Asibi is going to protect us from white angels though she have the power but she
can’t do anything against her superior order, anyway all we just need is a place to lay low for
now and some weapons to take the battle to them, I wonder if Edna will agree with me so that
we make a deal with black axe because they are still angry with Tina for killing their leader, if I
can just communicate with them.

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