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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 14
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“It is time to go” said and Edna as she stand in front of me looking like someone that has just
been reborn with evil on her mind.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Of course why do you ask?”

“Nothing, you just look different” I said picking my bag and walking to our bike with Edna
following me from behind.

“I took my bath and change my dress, anything look different?”

“Yes, you wear a killer face” I said.

“We can’t use the bike, we have to leave it because we will probably be arrested if they see us with a police bike” said Edna.

“Oh yeah you are right, where do we keep it? we can’t leave it here the bar man already think we are police” I said.

“Then let’s go we will drop it on the way” she said.

“Okay” I concluded.

I start the bike and we drive out of the compound, the day is still early people are just getting up, we drop the bike in one fence uncompleted building facing the gulf field in benin, we open the fence and drop the bike there we may need it again or so I thought.

We started using our leg to trek back to airport road, we get there and saw that the people on
checkpoint earlier are no longer there, maybe they were bad guys as said by Edna, we walk to
their base where they do training I think, we saw so many men on uniform so we walk to the
gate, the soldiers there stop us and question Edna, seems like the person is from north so they
both speak Hausa which I didn’t understand, they told us to wait outside while the Hausa man
go inside the base as another person take over his position.

While waiting I saw a notice on the wall and walk there to read it, I saw that Airforce are
currently recruiting and the form will expire tomorrow, Edna saw me and walk to were I am.

“Do you think you can join?”.she ask.

“ with someone like Tina controlling the whole cultist in south south do you think we stand any

“I don’t think we have any chance, if you can my friend can work it out for you”.

“Even though I don’t think I stand any chance because none of my documents are here”
“We will see what we will do about that”

As she said that a slin lady came out from the gate and immediately she saw Edna she run to
her and embrace her, they keep exchanging greetings before she introduce me to her.

“Hello Ozila this is my best friend and sister in arms Asibi, and Asibi this is my friend Ozila” she

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