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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 12
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When I open my eyes I saw the bus in flame and it seem like my ears are blocked because of
the explosion, I saw a guy coming to the were I am I quickly pick up my gun and open fire
without even seeing the person face, the person fell down and then I stood up and started
searching for Edna hiding in the bush so that I won’t be seen by the bad guys, as I move closer
to the tarred road I saw three of the bad guys throwing Edna inside their boot, I came out from
the bush and started shooting at them but it was too late, they took off and disappear out of
sight, I was angry and started shooting my gun facing the sky, just then I started hearing police
siren so I quickly run inside the bush to hide, I saw two police car and two bike and as they
started searching everywhere without them noticing I stole of their bike and before they know it I have speed off, they enter one vehicle and started chasing me while I accelerate more to catch up with guys that took Edna, this bike is very fast a super bike so am not surprise, within five minutes I started seeing their light far off, I check the pumpershun gun on the bike and when I saw that its loaded I took it up and speed more to catch them, they started shooting me but I
keep dogding them, I aim at the vehicle tire and burst the back one a d because of the speed
the car summersault three times before stopping, I quickly run down to the car and saw two of them trying to get out, I burst their head and remove Edna from the boot, she was struggling to breath so I remove the scarf from her mouth before she started coughing, I took her up and check the last guy on the wheel I think he is dead already, I took Edna to the bike and put her on my back.

“Hold me tight” I said..
“Alright” she said.

I speed off as police car get closer, We enter benin city where cultist are born exactly five a.m in the morning.

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