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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 10
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Edna ask where she can buy cuttlass, they direct us to one aboki shop and when we enter we
saw many cuttlass, short and long, they even have army knife and when I saw it I smile and
took it, we bought many knives and dagger, we bought a special bag were we put them, I also
insert two short knife inside my shoe, Edna load herself with weapons and then we zip the bag
and left the shop as the abokis continue looking at us like ghost.

We went to one restaurant and eat and then we bought some things to eat on the way, after
getting everything we needed we return to the bus, we wait till late night before the big bus take
off, me and Edna sat close to the window so that we can be seeing everything, we don’t want
any surprises.

We enjoy the journey because no delay and no road block except for few and they didn’t even
check inside, I was feeling sleeping so I lay down on Edna’s lap and sleep gently like a baby.

I was dreaming that me and Tina were making love, serious love making in her home in Afuze,
we was ontop me fvcking me very softly and gently, then suddenly she brought out a knife a
sharp edge knife from her back and use it to slit my throat, as she slit my throat I jump and wake
up shouting “no no” I even wake other people in the process because of my scream, Edna pet
my head laying me down again and telling that I was only dreaming.

“But it looks so real” I said.
“No dear, only real in dream world not here in the real world” she said.

“Is she going to kill me?” I ask without thinking.
“Not when I am alive” she said.

“She now hurt me both in the real world and also in my sleep” I said.

“I will protect you with my life, nobody will touch you” she said and continue rubbing my head and then I fell asleep again
The road was clear throughout till we reach Edo state close to Benin city, we saw some guys
with heavy AK-47 guns on the way and at once our driver match break, he tried to turn back but
another group emerge from the back and then Edna signal to me that’s its time, we brought our bag out and took all our knives and daggers, the group forced the front door open and started
looking at the shaky passengers one by one, we were all lying on the floor of the vehicle, seems
like they are looking for us because they didn’t even touch the passengers, if I can count
currently they are eleven in numbers, three are inside the bus checking us out while the other
eight are blocking the road, they are heavily loaded and their faces covered with black scarf.

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