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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 4 - Episode 9
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The next day i was on Edna’s back on a bike, we put on helmet so that we wont be seen by the other gangs, we were going to Aba to meet their
leader over there whether they can join us, we havent gone far we are still in Port when Tina called us saying that her girls that suppose
to come today are under attack close to Imo State Polytechnic,

immediately after the call Edna turn the bike around straight to the road that leads to Imo state polytechnic.

Me: how did they know that they are coming?
Edna: i dont know.

Me: do you think Lady Gaga is a mole?
Edna: she might be, but we are sisters and we swore an oath to always protect ourselves nomatter what, so its impossible for her to betray

Me: hmmm then how did they know? Unless it is not BA that is attacking them

Edna: let us just get there first.
Me: you should run faster.
Edna: there are many forces on the way, i cant go more than this or else they will seize the bike.
Me: okay.

On our way to Owerri from portharcourt, the road was clear and our bike was running faster
though we saw many police on the way but thank God Edna have her papers with her.

Even with the power back bike it took us many minutes to get to the place because of the bad road,.

We get to Imo state poly there is no sign of attack or them, we came down from the bike and started looking for them, we search everywhere even inside the poly school but we didnt see
them, Edna called Tina and told her that we didnt see them.

After some minutes Tina called back and said that they return to Imo and they are presently in a

We enter the bike after Tina told us the name of the hotel and immediately we took off we spoted two power bikes following us from behind.

Me: they are following us.
Ed: i can see them.
Me: and we have no gun with us, you have to outrun them.

Ed: yeah, hold on tight.
Edna match the bike and started running like ghost rider, overtaking all cars on our way, the guys following seeing that they are losing us,
they took out their gun and started firing at us, Edna was running zigzag like snake so that the bullet wont touch us, people on the way started
parking their car on one side running away from us, even some innocent people were killed and their cars destroyed,.

They continue trailing us with their Ak47 while i hold onto Edna very tight, as she was running with the guys chasing us on our front behold
another van started coming towards us with speed, not only that,

somebody from the back of the van brought out a heavy gun and point it at us,.

Me: i think we should start saying our last prayer.

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