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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 4 - Episode 4
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Me: you are right, even the gates have bab wires.
Edna: am sorry i didnt know, i thought the
tight security will help keep Jack and his men out i didnt think about our own safety..

Tina: keeping them away from us is a nice idea but what about the police and other force that can search the hotel anytime, how are we
going to escape from them?

Edna: i will look for another place.
Tina: no need, lets manage here first i will meet an agent tomorrow so that we will negotiate for a house here,.

Me: you mean it, you gonna buy a house?
Tina: dont you like it?
Me: of course i do.
i took my walking stick and left them there let them continue talking, i walk to the other room and later settle for the one close to the window
where i can see every ins and out of the hotel, i went back to the sitting room and told them am hungry, Edna took the phone and ordered
for some rice and chicken, i sat on the chair watching TV as Edna and Tina continue talking, they were talking about Afuze and Auchi,
everything that happen on her absence, of course she has miss alot and
she need to catchup fast for her to maintain her position as the leader of the group, of course she is the leader but on papers Edna still control the gang, Tina is more ruthless and dangerous, they use to call her empress because of her strong mind and accurate readiness to fight, of course she deserve the crown as the leader of the cult.
The doorbell ring and one of the hotel staff came in with bowl, she drop the bowl on the dinning table and left, i walk there and started

eating without waiting for my fellow friends, while eating Edna walk to the tv and increase the volume, i was surprise to hear from the
news the incident that happened earlier at the bridge, they showed everything including the car, they said we are dangerous that anybody
that have our location should report to the nearest authority, thank goodness they dont know our names, imagine seeing myself on a tv as thug, what will my people say?

Talking about my people i think i need to call my sister and my mum they will be very worried now,.

Me: Edna can you excuse me your phone i need to make a call.

Edna: to who?
Me: my sister.

Edna: okay but do you really think its a good idea?
Me: of course, she need to know am alright.
Edna: and where will you tell her you are right now?

Me: a friend in Auchi poly.
Edna: okay..

She gave me her phone and then i wanted to dial her number that was when i realize i dont have it offhead, i was disappointed because i
need to talk to her, she will be very worried now oh, okay let me call my mum since i have her number off head, i dial my mum number and she

Mum: hello.
Me: good evening ma.
Mum: ozes, where you they we they try your number since?

Me: i they auchi na, i just land and i cant go to bros house today.

Mum: so where are you now?
Me: am with a friend in auchi poly.
Mum: okay you will come home tomorrow right?

Me: yeah maybe.
Mum: why maybe?
Me: my friend told me about a job where i will earn big money, i want to stay and try it out.

Mum: and what about your school?
Me: if I don’t come home I will sort it out here in Auchi Poly.

Mum: okay becareful oh.
Me: yess mama, bye bye, please call big Sister and tell her that am in Auchi already.
Mum: okay bye.
i cut the call and continue my food, i turn to my friends and ask.

Me: are you guys not hungry? I will finish this food oh.

Tina And Edna: finish it

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