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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 4 - Episode 18
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Everywhere was quiet meaning they have all gone to war leaving me behind, of course its Tina’s handwork she dont want me to follow me, she dont want to endanger me.

The way she even tie me self it will be impossible for me break lose, i must do something because i cant just sleep here while they slaughter themselves there, i dont even know were they are self even if i manage to break free how can i locate them? I remain in the bed looking at the bright light shining like a star, i sit up and check my back pocket were i use to keep my small knife, i check there i didnt see it, oh well maybe Tina remove it too because she know i will
probably make use of it, now what do i do?

The chain she use to tie my right hand is very strong and short, i cant move around because its too short, i look everywhere if i will see any metal that i will use to unlock myself but i saw none, i look at the time on the wall it past two already that means the battle has already begun and am still here thinking how to be free from this chain, if i cant free myself from a mere chain how can i defeat mabel that has grown stronger and wiser? I look at the chain on my wrist
again and then i decided to do the worst, i started twisting my hand little by little and then i started hearing crack, as i continue twisting my thumb finger broke and then i shouted in pains, as i dislocate my thumb finger i quickly pull back my hand and then my hand were released, i was relieved but at the same time feeling the pain on my hand, i use my other hand to strenghten the hand that was broken and within minutes i was feeling alright okay though the pain is still
there but not like before, i quickly stood up and check the drawer there i saw Two guns, one AK-47 fully loaded and a small pistle, i

took both of them and then i ran to Edna’s room to collect her key, i didnt see any key there that means she went with her bike, i check
Tina’s room if there will be any car key but there was none, so i took my phone and dial Edna’s number, the phone was ringing but she didnt pick, i tried Tina’s number too but she too didnt pick, i hope they are not dead already oh because i will just run mad if i lose both of them, i
dial many numbers but none of them pick, how am i going to locate them now?

I went downstairs and there i saw their schematics, they draw the road of portharcourt from Aba road to park, they circled the road that
leads to Onne in Eleme junction, without wasting much of my time i took the map and return to my room, i put on black trouser and a black
singlet, i covered it with another black long sleeves shirt, i check the pistle if it is loaded and when i saw its fully loaded i put it on my back, i took the map and package it on my small bag, i took the AK-47 and crack it, i walk out of my room and when i came out of the house, i look if i can see any bike or car i can use but there was
none, so i started walking to the city, i check the time on my phone, almost three and am still here, i need a bike or a car, when i came
out from our street not far away i was hearing some noise like a music. Portharcourt is full of fun so am not surprised that by this
time they are still in a club, i walk to the front of the bar and then i saw what i was looking for, a honda bike, but there is no key, no time for long thing so i walk to the bar keeping my gun on my back and when the security man saw me he stop me and ask.

“where do you think you are going to?”
“i like your chest, do you have a bike or a car?” i asked him smiling.

“you are not welcome here go back now before i descend on you” now that is what i dont like, so i pull the gun from my back and use it to
face him.

“now lets start again, were is your ride?”

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