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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 4 - Episode 17
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The missile came straight to the park and blast everywhere, the force of the blast took me from were i was runing away and throw me away to the far end of the road, there was pandemonium everywhere as traders and travelers struggle to breath, the passerby park their cars to help some us while others took their phone and started calling emergency unit.

Mabel did her worst and now many people are dead and some injured too, why would she do something like this! i thought she want me so why
sacrifice all these members just to get me? This is very bad.

As i stood up staggering along the road to my bike that has turned to pieces already, i saw a car slow down, a white camry car, the glass
whine down and then i saw Mabel inside bringing a gun out, and as she point the gun to shoot me i quickly bend down and roll to the back of
one shattered bus, her bullet shattered the remains of the bus, i lay down flat behind the bus and from below the bus i saw people running
away after they they hear the gunshot, she came down from the camry and started walking towards me, as she was about pointing the gun to
me the sound of police siren made her to run back to the camry and ran away, the police came and started taking people to the hospital,
there was a little bit of otherliness, in few minutes another power bike arrive and then i jump in without hesitating.

“i thought we had a plan?” i said with anger
“yes but her plan was a step ahead of us.” Tina said as she throttle the power bike away from the scene of the blast.

“i dont understand why she will sacrifice all this people just to get at me, now many people are dead because of me.”

“dont blame yourself dear, the best we can do is to avenge their death, Mabel must pay.” of course she will pay dearly because i
cant sleep until shes dead, “we locate were they live, we will visit her by midnight” she added trying to give me hope.

“where is her location?” i asked.

“dont get ahead of yourself now, we have a plan already so we will talk when we reach home” good thing she know that if she tell me the location now i will probably go and find her myself.

“okay, where are we going?”
“to a hospital of course, you need to treat those scratches” she answered sarcastically.

“whats with the face?” the way shes replying me make me wonder if i did anything wrong to her.

“nothing, just angry at myself”
“see the state you are now, all because of me, am responsible for all these and i wish you can just backout let me handle it myself instead
of putting yourself in danger.” she was in a pity mood, as if she want to cry.

“am already in now and there is nothing you can do, so focus on how we will defeat Mabel instead of thinking about the past that cannot be

“we will attack in the midnight”
“better, by then i will be sound”
“sound perfect.” she said.

she had that with a kinda look that i cant decipher, i know she have something on her mind that she dont want to talk about, it definitely
not about last night when i had sex with Edna, this is different and its only a matter of time before i find out.

She took me to a hospital where they treat my wounds, by eight we are already at home and i went straight to the room and sleep without
talking to anybody, when i wokeup in the middle of the night i found myself in chains and everywhere was quiet, i knew she had something on her mind i never thought it will come to this.

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