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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 4 - Episode 15
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Edna: whats that?
Me: nothing.

Edna: lets get out of here before somebody catch us.

Me: you go ahead i will be right behind you.
Edna: dont stay long,.
Me: i wont.
she buckle up and walk away leaving me to be wondering who the person that saw us is, i just and pray it wasnt Tina because if its her then
am in for a long run, i took my phone and arrange myself i then stood up and started walking towards the house, i reach the front and saw Tina standing on the door with her hands on her waist as if shes ready for fight, when i saw her like that my mind fly from my heart, “oh my
god, she saw us, oh shit what have i gotten myself into?”.

When i saw her i started walking slowing and blabbing some words on my mind, i walk to her and as i wanted to say am sorry, she opened her
mouth and said, “what are we going to do?” i was confuse i dont even know what she mean by that, “sorry what do you mean?” i asked still
thinking what shes driving to,.

“i mean about the meet up”, i was still confuse and dont know what
shes talking about, “which meet up?” i asked still confused,.

“about you and Mabel na, the meet up at garrisen”. And then my mind
calm down a little so i heave a sign of relief,.
“oh that, well lets go in and talk about it now, is not something we should be discussing outside” i said trying to pass her, “okay lets go
to my room then”.

I was happy that at least she didnt know about the little exercise of me and Edna and i thank my stars for that because if she know oboy na

fire fire oh, or wait oh, what if shes knows and just decided to play along, you know she has been secretive since her return from the dead,
i dont even know why, anyway i will be watching her closely from now on, i just hope she didnt see us sha.

I passed her already so she followed me from the back as we walk pass the soldiers sleeping on the sitting room with them snoring like cow,
some of them put on G-string and some put on short Skirt revealing their bum, i overlook though there is nothing i can do with them but at
least i bite my lips while looking at them at least that is something,.

We passed the beautiful warriors and hed to the stairs, i turn to her room and open the door, i help myself with glass of water and then i
sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her to speak, she climbed the bed too and sat close to me on the edge of the bed, we were both
silence for a while before she opened up, “i dont want you to go”, i wasnt surprise she said that, i mean who would tell her boyfriend to
go and face danger, thats immoral na even though you dont love your boyfriend you still wont send him to face his death,.

“i know you will say that but come on you dont have a choice na”,
“there is always a choice ozila, lets set her up we can capture her there”, she is right we can capture her but what about my ego? It will
be like am a real coward as she voiced the other time,.

“no Tina, let me do it please just trust me, i will be alright and beside you guys will be watching my every move from afar”, i said
trying to make her feel relaxed,.

“okay but am going with you”, i know she will say that

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