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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 4 - Episode 11
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Edna: you know you cant go right?
Ben: he has to because we need to know her plans and what where she lives.

Edna: an you think she will come alone? Come on its just a ploy to get him.

Ben: okay, but to me i think he should go.
I was looking at them on the door as they debate whether i should go or not and after they are done debating they all face me, expecting me
to say something.

Me: are you girls done? Because i cant say anything till i eat something.
Ben; okay lets go down, we will talk better there.
me and Edna followed Benita down the hall where they serve drinks and peppersoup, we locate empty desk and went there to sit down, we
sat round the table waiting for the person that is serving to come, we wait for ten minutes and since we didnt see anybody, i decided to go
and order for us but Benita told me to sit tight that she will go, she went to the people serving and order food for us,.

After ten minutes i was galloping fish pepersoup while Benita and Edna help themselves with eggroll and malt, i so much enjoy the peppersoup
oh, after eating and when the table has been cleared we all relax there talking about what Mabel said, whether i should visit her or not i
still dont know, but i for one know that she wont come alone, she said to prove that am not a coward i should come alone, is she trying to
trick me or what? Am not a fool and i will go but i wont go alone.

I took my phone and call Tina.
Me: hello babe.
Tina: sup, whats going on now?
Me: there is no way we can pass to port without them blocking us so we will follow a police car tomorrow morning.

Tina: what makes you sure that you will see a police car to follow early tomorrow.

Me: because they are always on the road now.
Tina: those are rivers squad not Owerri, you guys should enter road by twelve midnight we will be waiting for you in port.

Me: this night, come on there are much risk traveling by night now.

Tina: no risk at all, if you don know the police are the biggest trouble we should be worried about, we can kill the thugs but as for police once they see any gun or you there is no going back, you guys are seventeen in numbers you guys can make it this night.

Me: hmmmmm this is serious, okay let us start preparing now.

Tina: okay call me when you guys hit the road.
Me: okay, and by the way Mabel called.
Tina: what?

Me: yeah, she called and told me to meet her alone in garrisen tomorrow evening.
Tina: and what did you say?

Me: i didnt get to reply her before she cut the call.
Tina: okay when you arrive we will discuss about that.

Me: yeah right, later then.
i cut the call and told Edna and Ben the latest, they all agreed that yes it is better we face them this night than in the morning when police will be involve and probably get us arrested,.

We stood and walk to our creep, some of the girls are already sleeping, i wonder how they can be sleeping when they know we have war
tomorrow, we wake all of them up and called the rest that were outside keeping watch, we gather together inside the hotel and then we prepare
our guns and amunition, after praying we set out to portharcourt by eleven, me and Edna are in front while the three camry 2.2 follow us
from behind.

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