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Sins of my Past - Season 1 - Episode 31
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I couldn’t explained what I was feeling at that moment,if I should be glad to see her or scared,because she coming to my house is very suspicious, we both stay there looking at each other without saying a words, I couldn’t tell what I saw in her eyes, how I wish I could read minds, well that’s for God only.

I move away from the door so she could enter, lmada entered and close the door, she walked round the house looking at every side, this got me scared, you readers will be wondering why I was scared, hey I am in a wheelchair and nobody is at home, so am all alone with hmmmmm,should I say my enemy you wont blame me if I call her that.

“Nothing has change,still the same house, that is the spot I sat when I first came to this place” she said pointing to the direction where two couches was nicely arranged, and yes that was the same position, “do u remember”she asked me. I look at her not knowing what to say, what is she really getting at, was that why she came. “Why do I hold this visit” I asked her without answering her question. “You tell me,I dont even know why am here, maybe I am here to see my crazy sister who has foolishly fallen for you, the charm is really strong,who ever prepare that for you must be powerful” she said in a very convincing way. “What are you saying,that am using charms on your sister, have you gone mad, why will you think sure a time, whatever I and your sister share is real nothing is added” I told her thinking it will help matters, “and you are sitting down there telling me to my face,do you think after everything you have done you will have my sister aaaa tell me” she said almost shouting, “lmada I know I have wronged you but please let the past be the past I beg you in the name of God,please” I was trying all my best to be nice and gentle.

Suddenly she started laughing as if what I said was funny. “Can you hear yourself, do you have any idea how the so called past has affected me do you have any idea what I went through, the past you talk about is what is hurting me till now, do you have any idea what you destroy, and you sat there telling me to forget my past, how dare you, uyi how dare you”she said almost in tear, I couldn’t understand anything she was saying and I dare not to ask her, I try to say something but what should I say because it seens like nothing I will say will change anything.

“Am sorry” I didn’t even know when that came out, “oh you are not, I will make you sorry, then when you are I will know you are sorry” she said, her word really got me upset, “haven’t I suffer enough,what more do you want” I didn’t know if i was shouting but I know my voice was high, “suffered,do you think you are suffering,oh you are not,you should be grateful I didn’t have you killed but instead cripple, we couldn’t have been having this conversation now”, her word came like a blow to me, I was so shock on what I heard, was she really saying the truth or just trying to get to me. “You what, I don’t believe you” I told her trying to act strong, “I didn’t actually did it, I just made some calls and they had your break tampered with, I wonder where you was rushing to that day” she said it to my face without no remorse,now all the anger I have been hiding just came out I couldn’t control it, “you are a devil,how could you, am I the first person to sin on earth, you know what I will surely win this case and I will walk again and when I do, you will regret it,and if I have the chance I will rape you again and again and again until there is nothing left in yo…” I didn’t complete my last sentence before I felt a share pain in my stomach, I look down and saw a knife bury deep into my stomach, a hand was till holding the knife, I looked up and saw lmada smiling,”say it again” she spoke out,I held her by her shoulder,I was in so much pain, “I said say it again” she pull the knife out and dig it in again,I couldn’t hold the pain any more I let out a cry,fell on the floor, I wasn’t seeing clearly anymore, I try to speak but no words can out, was this how I die, my family,my love, I didn’t know lmada could do this,I was now having it difficult to breath,I was till gazing for air when I heard a scream, I recognize the voice it was mimi, just then another scream follow that was my mother’s,I felt an hand around my head,I could hear crying,my beloved was letting her tear flow, how I wish I could see her face one last time, I try to speak but couldn’t, the watery sustains coming out from my mouth was not letting me speak,but I know I have to try,I have to say something,lmada came to my head, I tryed pronouncing it countless times and I hope and pray she understands,I couldn’t breathe any more,I was finding it difficult to breath,then I knew am about to go,may God have mercy on my soul,that was the last thing I thought before black out.

I woke in the hospital after five day which I was later told that I was lucky, hahaha you guys thought I died, well God loves me, my parents most especially Mimi was so happy when I finally opened my eyes, of course me too was happy at least I didn’t die,I was also told that all through when I was unconscious mimi has be there 24hours,she refuse to leave myside and I was so grateful to have a special woman like her by my side, well I was surprised that my family didn’t talk about the incident,even mimi didn’t say anything and I too wasn’t ready to tell them yet maybe I was waiting for them to ask me first.

All through my stay in the hospital the incident of that day keep flashing through my mind,and everything lmada told me,I couldn’t believe she could hate me so much to kill me, it was till a shock to me,I never knew such hate till exited I thought only on movies, when I have fully recovered I was discharged home, everything went back again to normal but I didn’t,I wasn’t myself not because of the incident but because of the attitude that my parents and Mimi was giving to me,they were all being gentle and too nice to me now, it shouldn’t be because of my predicament,I know something is not right.

I was in bed as usually,well since I came back from the hospital I haven’t been able to move round am always on the bed,because they said the wound I sustains was very critical so it needs time to heal, I was serve my food and Mimi was there to feed me, she sitted close to me and try to feed me but I refuse to eat,i needed to get answers and that was the only way I could,I know they dont play with me not taking my drugs and if I dont eat I cant take the drugs, “what is it, don’t you like the food, should I get something else for you”, Mimi asked me, “am not hungry” I said looking sad,I have to do this seriously,I turn my face to the other side because I won’t want to see those her charming eyes, “why,you know you have to take your drugs,come on baby, just eat a little,please” she pleaded, “this is it,you all are being too nice, what is going on”,I said ,I couldn’t read the expression on her face but I know something wasn’t right, “you are over working your head, there is nothing going on, you know you need more care now thats why we are trying our best to make sure you are fine, what makes you think something is going on”, she aske me, but I won’t be deceived by her words, “take the food away, until one of you decide to tell me what I want to hear I wont eat anything”, I didn’t know if I can kerp those words but I know they won’t let me keep it, “you know if you don’t eat you won’t be able to take your drugs and if you dont take your drugs you know what will happen”, “well let anything happen” I replied her back with so much confidence even if I had none, she let out a loud breathe and drop the spoon she has been holding.

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