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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Maybe something had happened during break, or Jenny had seen her with me in class. Maybe she’s made it her work to always spy on her sister. I tried getting her attention but she gave me none. When we finally had a free period, I tore out a new sheet from my book and wrote to her:
“What happened Miss?”. After reading what I wrote, she looked at me and exhaled loudly. She kept the paper back on my desk and answered me by shaking her head negatively, that was when I decided to let her be and also concluded that I’d confront Jenny tomorrow to give her words she so deserved.

Bell for school over came and Sharon packed quickly like always, waved me bye and left. I packed too and joined my friends outside then we started going. We were leaving unusually quite early like we planned it, only few students were already outside when we left.
We all went to our normal okpa joint, ate to our fill and paid only for the ones the lady could count. Then started going, we took a shortcut today.

There is a school beside ours, and past the school, there is a large farm land and then a stream. When we cross the stream, we’d get to the road where we always went our separate ways. The fun thing about this shortcut was that we always got to swim. When Kelvin suggested we take that route we all rejoiced, we started singing gyration songs as we walked through the path. When we got to the gate of our neighbouring school we echoed the songs loudly, their Students that were going home just stood and watched us in amazement. The songs we were singing was a cult gyration so, you could imagine what they were thinking as they watched us. Past the School, we ran into the farm jumping, shouting and singing at the same time. Kelvin picked a long bamboo stick and used it to clear thick grasses in our path, we didn’t care if there was someone else around the farm. When we got to the middle of the farm. A group of a lot older boys ran out from nowhere and surrounded us, they were all with Weapons. I recognised one amongst them, he was the guy we had hurled stones at under the brigde so many weeks ago, one could notice the scar on his forehead . He was with a machete, the others had bottles or broken building blocks in their hands.

We were all shivering except Bully and Kelvin, I was already imagining what they were going to do to us. The Scarface guy walked forward.

“Students, see as una small”. He started walking around us.

” Na una dey sing Axemen jolly abi? Una get enough liver to dey sing nonsense pass my arena, una go clear me who teach una that b-----d song wey una dey sing”. He barked.
“Obasi, free us make we march nah, wetin sup self”. Kelvin said to him. Am not surprised he knew this guy, Kelvin’s elder sister knows people that knows people so, he was familiar to a lot of faces. When he said that one of the guys provoked.
” wetin? Na my first man you dey shoot mouth for?”. He raised the bottle in his hand to smash on Kelvin’s head but, the so-called obasi ordered Him to stand down. He laughed and walked towards Kelvin.

“For your head now, you know me abi? And e sure for you say I no go do you nothing, you come get mind call me by name, you no fear? Oya make all of una go down”. He ordered.
We were all going to kneel except Kelvin, and no one dares to make a move that’s not led by Kelvin so, we all stood our grounds. Kelvin was still carrying the bamboo stick with him so, I took cover at his back. They were shocked at our disobedience, and awkwardly it was giving the courage we needed.
” na Outlawz we be and we no send nobody”. Bully shouted
“Na so!!”. We chorused.

” on how e be make all man find him level oh based on escape “. Kingsley added.

The Obasi couldn’t wait anymore, he raised his hand to punch, but Kelvin was smarter. He raised the bamboo stick and hit him hard on his shoulder, poor boy fell flat and his gang attacked immediately. Kelvin was the only one amongst us with a weapon then bully picked up the guy’s machete. The others took to their heels immediately the gang broke their circle. It was just me, Kelvin, Bully and Kingsley that was yet to run. Bully swirled the machete towards some and they fell back lending him enough room to run, I also tried following him but one of the guys with cement brick blocked me and shattered it on my head, the force of the hit threw me down. I struggled up immediately just to see that Kelvin had hit down two of the boys, he screamed at me to run. I turned and saw that three of them had gotten to Kingsley. Kelvin shouted again and I took off with him. We were running back to school, my head kept aching as I ran, my vision was getting blurred but, I kept up the pace with Kelvin. I could feel some liquid substance dropping down my face, I believed it was just sweat and nothing else. There was pandemonium once we ran into school, everybody started running, even some teachers ran too. Once I got to the Administration Block I collapsed. I was conscious but also unconscious,Things happening around me was like an illusion, I heard voices shouting towards me, some were calling my name. Sharon’s voice was so clear in my ears and it was the nearest. Someone lifted my head and place on her laps, then placed something like handkerchief or a napkin on my forehead.

“Gosh! He’s still bleeding, can someone get the nurse here!!”. That was Sharon’s voice shouting. She was the one lapping my head.

” the clinic’s closed already “. Another voice I couldn’t recognise said.

“Already? Then where is the Health prefect, someone should get the first aid box for Christ’s sake”. Sharon’s voice was shaking, her legs too.

” Godson, Godson can you hear me? “. Her voice was the one I heard the most and she kept calling my name, then another voice I was familiar with said something.

“Calm down sis, your friend is not Dead”. That was Miriam’s voice, when I heard her I smiled. They both started arguing, I had regained my strength a little so I opened my eyes. My vision was clearing gradually, the first face I saw was Sharon’s but she didn’t see me because she was looking up at her kid sister Miriam, Miriam was the first to see that I’d opened my eyes.

“You see? He is even smiling at you”. She said to Sharon. Sharon smiled when she saw my eyes open, her legs stopped shaking. The small crowd of students and pupils that’d surrounded me were all giving sighs of relief. When Kelvin saw that I’d woken up, he started seeking reinforcements to go rescue Kingsley, most of the students around us were SS2 students but non of them was ready to join Kelvin. He angrily ran to the Ss3 block where they were having extra classes for WAEC. In no short time like fifteen of them came out with him, Bully was also with them. That was the first time I was seeing him since we ran from those guys, he still had the machete with him as they left. Our school nurse arrived and I was carried to the clinic. Sharon never left my side as they treated my head. They took off my bloodstained jacket and shirt and washed it for me. When the nurse was done, she gave me pills for headache and I drank, then she left me to rest. the school was calm again, everybody was waiting for the rescue team to return so, the buses that hadn’t left before now had to wait too. the people that came to watch me in the clinic started dispersing group by group till I was left with just Miriam and Sharon. I wondered where Jenny was, I never caught caught a glimpse of her around.

“hey”. Sharon said looking into my eyes, that was the first time she’d say anything since we came to the clinic.

” hey”. I responded. Miriam chuckled and we both turned to her.
“what?”. Sharon asked her.

” the way you two are staring at each other, maybe I should step outside “. Miriam said.

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