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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 5
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”what happened to you in the field?”she asked again, she seemed to be too inquisitive and it was maaking me more uncomfortable. If she was expecting me to tell her realy, i bet she wont like what my answer would be so i kept mute.

”i mean you were playing perfectly well, then all of a sudden you seemed lost, like something was bothering you”. She said and i was stunned, the surprise was all over my face and when she saw it she smiled.
”you can always talk to me”. She said holding my shoulder.

I stared at her for a while smiling at me like she has known me for decades and i thought. Maybe kelvin was right afterall, sitting with a girl shouldnt cost a thing. Look at a girl i’ve just known for few hours talking to me like my sister, yes my sister was the only one that could relate to me this way. After a while all i could say was;
”Thank you”. She smiled, nodded aand patted my shoulder ,she kept her hand on my shoulder like i was family.

Now the class was so quiet like a teacher had entered but, that was’nt what realy happened they were all watching me and my new seatmate like we’d stirred up a wind. Smith had probably called their attention to the scene we were creating.
” oh no, i thought they were going to kiss!!!”. He shouted and the whole claass burst out a thunderous laugh. Everyone was laughing including sharon, i looked at Kelvin and he gave me a thumbs up, it was then that i smiled. The noise was up and nobody remembered my flaws in the field anymore. The rest of the day was lessons.

Days passed and it seemed the teacher’s plan waas working, i hardly said anything in class except to sharon aand it was very rare before i talk to her, except she talked me or brought up her inquisitive part where she asks a lot of questions which i hardly answer to any. Smith always came to our side any opportunity he gets to talk to her, other boys including my cousin also come but i was’nt realy bothered about them like i was with Smith. That dude was a casanova the way i see him, though some think he is just being social but d--n it, any boy being social to only girls is a casanova the way i see it. I had a fallout with him oneday

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