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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 4
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After that there were the normal class lessons then break period. I was the first to leave the class on the first sound of the bell straight to the canteen for refreshment with uncle palm’s buns and zobo. I was’nt realy hungry but, i needed to be myself for a while.ever since this new girl sat next to me i haven’t looked sideways nor even stretched my hands, i was either staring at my books not realy reading it or i was staring at any teacher teaching like i was realy paying attention but, i wasn’t. So, when it was break i prayed it lasted till dismissal. After eating my snacks i sat there and watched the primary school pupils playing. They were so free playing around; ” This used to be me” i thought.

But, now i have to watch my moves like i was been watched somewhere. I was so carried away that i didnt know when my gang came in led by my cousin. Our form miistress branded us a gang because we did things together, disturbed the class always. We used to sit together but she scattered us and paired each with a girl to help stop our noise in class but, it didnt work out for most of them, most of these guys were already used to sitting with girls except me, infact my cousin’s seatmate Ugochi became his girlfriend. She nicknamed us the ”Outlaws” and the name went down well with us.

I only noticed their presence in the canteen when chinonso hit me on my head with his Basic science Tectbook. I was so startled that they all laughed at me seriously. Melody was the first to speak;

”Nnah, what’re are you doing all alone?” he asked.
”meaning?” i replied like i do not know what he meant. Obum the bully then spoke up.
”wetin you dey do inside tuck shop only you? Abi you dey hide for person?”he asked but i gave him no answer, they all took turns in mocking me and also praising me for my new seatmate but, i never responded to anyone till they all left except my cousin and kingsley his right hand man.

my cousin kelvin AKA Smartkid was the only one that understands me a little in our school so, he just cheered me up and convinced me it wasn’t a big deal to sit with a girl. Maybe he was right, sitting with a girl does not change anything i concluded and then joined them in the field. We had a match with the B class and i was the only striker in A class fit enough to play. I was a skillful player and also selfish too.

Minutes into the game we were losing to the B class by one goal. They all went out to score another goal and left me with just their lastman and their keeper. Then, melody won the ball passed to chinonso our captain whom saw my run and played a long pass towards me i brought down the ball calmly, skillfully dribbled their last man and left him wasted on the ground then, sent their keeper the wrong way with my shot. I ran to celebrate with my classmates and i saw the New girl amongst our girls, she was smiling at me. That was the beginning of a bad game for me.

I became lost in the game, when am with the ball i make lousy mistakes and when am not with the ball i forget myself completely that i do not know when the ball is being passed to me. Nobody knew the reason behind my sudden poor performance not even my cousin this time. I couldnt concentrate and i knew it was never going to change so, i asked to be replaced and left the field. My class lost to the B class by 3-2. It was break over that actually ended the game but, i never went in with the others rather i went to the merry-go-round which had been deserted already. I just sat there wasn’t spinning around. I was nt yet ready to face my new distraction. Fifteen minutes after break and i i still sat there , maybe i was never going to go back to my class if not our kind Head girl that confronted me and asked me gently to go to my class which i did sluggishly.
Fortunately and unfortunately for me there was no teacher in my class and i was still topic of the boys, not like i expected less. I walked through the back door so, no one knew when i came in except the New girl and Smith who was sitting on my desk dicussing freely with the girland she was even smiling at him. I was jealous of what i was seeing,i could’ve picked up a fight with him there and then if not that i didnt want to be noticed yet. He left when i came closer and i sat down quietly ignoring my new seatmate. After a minute or two she tried engaging me in a conversation.

”first to leave and last to come in, huh?” she asked. I looked at her then shrugged.
”you’re not much of a talking type, are you?” she aske again. This time i smiled, i realy wanted to say something but, i could’nt. If only she knew she was sitting next to a notorious parrot.
”you know, you haven’t realy told me your name” she said and waited for my response and when she got non she dragged my Textbook from me and checked for my name.
”Godson, such a nice naame for a quiet boy”. She said.
”well my name is……”
”sharon”. I cut her short.
She smiled when she heard me talk.
”so you can talk actualy”. She said still smiling. ”its nice to meet you Godson”. She stretched her hand for a handshake. I stared at her for while then recieved her hands.

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