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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 24
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“Godson let it go”. She said in her most calm voice ever since we returned from mid term holidays, it seemed to be more of a warning but I wasn’t heeding to her words.
” Let it go? That’s the problem Sharon, I can’t let it go”. I said staring deep into her eyes, that was the first time I could look into Sharon’s eyes without being hypnotized so, it seems more like she wasn’t the one I knew before. Currently her eyes had turned red like she was going to cry anytime soon but, I wasn’t done talking or so I thought.
“Seeing you next to me everyday, being moody and gloomy? Come on that’s the last to make your seatmate comfortable….”. I was yet to say something else when cut me off totally.

“That’s enough Godson!! Am done listening to you!!”. She yelled loudly attracting the eyes of everybody in class, I was shocked but I didn’t mean to give up yet so I tried saying something else.
” listen Sharon…..”
“What’s with you Godson? What do you care? When did you start being so caring because I Know you more than that”. I was so hurt by her words, but it was the truth. Eunice had made it clear that the truth can be quite annoying but this wasn’t just annoying it was hurting so deep. She’d shown me my guilt clearly and I had nothing else to say. But I wasn’t going to join her to become so sad, after all I said a prayer that morning which God possibly had answered. The normal Godson would’ve walked out in shame, but instead I put up a bright Smile and faced her. I always thought Sharon knew I cared for her so much, I believed she could read my mind, I’d practically likened her to my sister Eunice but, she’d mad e me believe I was wrong with her words, that I should’ve shown her my feelings by actions and not by caging them in my heart. I searched for words to say and all I could say was.

“Yeah, I thought you did”. My smile was still unwavered and I can hardly believe I was the one smiling in such situation. She shook her head in disbelief then threw my biscuit at me.

” well You can stop bothering about me and go ahead care more for yourself, because that’s whom you really are “. Tears were rolling down her cheeks when she walked out and I regretted confronting her in the first place, now I’ve made her cry and what did I actually achieve? Nothing except the eyes of the few people in class then. I looked at their faces one after the other then at our class entrance door and I saw jenny smiling at me. Seeing her there brought reasons running into my head, the truth had been around and I just couldn’t sense it for this long. Why would jenny always ask me about her sister, when she had all the time with her at home and also she’d smile comfortably. How didn’t I give this a thought all this while? Oh yes I am not caring. I decided to find out the truth, I guess she had seen how Sharon slammed me and she is quite happy about it. Whatsoever she did was excellently working. I walked up to her at the door, she couldn’t help but laugh a little, she sure wasn’t good at pretending.

“Congrats ma’am, finally she’s lost all her friends”. I said staring into her eyes, she smiled.

” All her male friends you mean?”. She asked. She has indirectly exposed herself, that was what she had wanted, to separate me from Sharon and no other means than to stop all the guys from getting around her.
“No, I mean the whole class”. She frowned on hearing this, one could see the guilt all over her face.

” but I guess that’s not how you planned it, was it?”. I asked her.
“What… What.. What’s that supposed to mean”. She stammered and left. Now it was clear, Jenny was the architect of all these, and whatever She did was meant to keep Sharon far from me. But what I couldn’t figure out was what she could have probably done to make Sharon become a Shadow of her real self. That was the next thing I was going to find out and I knew who was going to tell me so, off to the primary section I went.
I only returned from the primary section when it was break over, you know Miriam Loves talking a lot and we had a lot of catch ups. We haven’t met since we returned from the midterm holidays, I intentionally avoided her because her sister avoided me too. Luckily I learnt what I needed to know. I knew Sharon wouldn’t start avoiding me because Jenny told her to but Jenny did more than that. So Sharon avoiding me was practically for my own good but, she didn’t have to avoid others too. I’ve tasted loneliness and it’s not something I’d want her to continue experiencing, even though it seems she was trying to make it fair to me. Sharon didn’t say anything to me nor anyone else through out classes after break. Even when our civic teacher cracked us up with her jokes, Sharon didn’t heave a sigh not to talk of smiling. She was still mad at me, I knew it and I planned to do something about it. Once it was school over, Sharon packed quickly and started leaving as fast as she could. I hadn’t even arranged my books yet, my locker was still wide open. I brought out the biscuit and ran after her, before she could leave the class I blocked her at the door.
“hey you forgot this”. I said handing her the biscuit. she looked at me then at the biscuit in that female style of look and tried to leave again but I blocked her, she tried twice but I wouldn’t let her through. she breathed out heavily like someone exhausted.
” Godson let me pass”. she said calmly, she couldn’t even look at my face, rather she stared at my feet. I was encouraged with what I saw, for what is Love without respect?.
“or? you’d humiliate me like Charlie?”. I asked and she was shocked. I really regretted saying that but, it was good I did, because it calmed her totally. I could read regret on her face and also surprise, she hadn’t expected I’d say that. I waited to hear her but it seemed she had no more words in her mouth.
” okay listen I didn’t mean that…”. I tried explaining.

” No Godson, obviously you did “. she wanted to leave again but, I drew her back.
” fine, you’re right and am sorry “. Sharon was the first person apart from my family members that I ever did something to and acknowledged being wrong then also give my rare apology word ” sorry “. And that did the magic, she stopped trying to leave and listened.
“Sharon I know I’ve annoyed you so much lately and I know you’re not supposed to be wasting your time standing here with me but….”.

” what do you mean wasting my time With you?”. it seems she was suspecting I’d found out but, I didn’t want her to know that I already know yet.
“uhm, like you’re in a hurry to get home”. I said to cover up and she smiled a little then I continued.

“about what you said about me not being caring. it’s true but, I want you to know that it’s not whom I want to be always, I’m trying my best to care and I need you to understand that please”. when I was done talking, we both stared at each other in silence, our classmates also watched us too, only few had left before we started our little drama so, they all watched in amazement. for the first time since after the holidays, I was looking at Sharon’s real innocent eyes. and it hypnotized me like it always did. Her fake cough was what called me off my hype mode and I smiled at her, she was smiling at me too.
” Now take your biscuit “. I stretched the biscuit towards her and she collected it, she came closer, caressed my cheeks a bit then walked out smiling without saying goodbye to me.

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