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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Monday came in a jiffy, I woke up and said a prayer, something I hardly do. My immediate elder brother Frank was the one that always brings me to pray but now he is in a boarding school while our first son and second daughter; Maxwell and Jannie are both in the university. So, I just have my favorite, Eunice whom is already a graduate with me at home. I guess I’ve indirectly talked about my siblings. My prayer was straight and short.
“Good morning Lord, today I’m going to try being different, a better and loving person.

Please do not let me sU-Ck at this I pray”. It’s true it was short but it was also a honest prayer, one I hoped would be answered immediately.

I prepared so early and just as if my sister knew my mind, food was ready before 6:30am I ate a little then went to my mum’s shop and collected a ” McVite shortbread” biscuit then left for school. No need to wait for Kelvin’s today, some days are different.
I got to school by 7:15am, dropped my school bag then came outside.

Almost immediately the school buses started arriving, I stood close to the car park and watched as students and pupils trooped out of each bus. Then I saw Sharon and Miriam come down from theirs, Miriam was chatting and smiling with her mate but,Sharon was talking to no one in fact she still had her strange mood on. This sight was already a sign that it wasn’t going to be easy but I fought of the discouragement and smiled towards her, she smiled too when she saw me.

“Hello seatmate”. I said as we met.
” Hi, Good morning “. She greeted. She wasn’t smiling anymore but I was, I took her school bag from her and she looked surprised. She started walking quickly to the class blocks and I was left struggling to catch up her pace.

” How was your weekend?”. I asked as we walked quickly, she just nodded and said nothing else. She kept looking back like she was hiding from someone. When we got into our class, she gave out a sigh of relief. She didn’t say anything to me, just took her bag, hung it on Her desk and left the class. I wondered why she kept looking back while we were at the park. She keeps acting strange everyday but I guess it’s not strange anymore just that I couldn’t figure out what it was.

After Assembly, classes started immediately, there wasn’t even a chance for a free period, our normal free period was occupied by our maths teacher to extend his teaching, despite the fact that we were already bored. You could bet what was going on, the Proprietor was in school so, everyone’s trying to impress the old pastor. Immediately it was break, everybody zoomed out, I caught up with Sharon as she was walking out.
“Can I see you for a moment?”. I asked her. She was going to listen but, Chidimma joined in too.

” yeah me too”. Chidimma yelled as she ran up to us. Sharon looked at the both of us.
“Sorry, not now”. She said and left. Chidimma and I stood there in silence as she left.
” was it you or me?”. Chidimma broke the silence with a question.

“It’s clear, she’s mad at all of us”. I said as I turned towards my seat, she blocked me.

“But you won’t give up, will you”. She asked.
” I just pray I don’t “. I voiced out before I could hold it back and she smiled.
” For the first time, you’re being honest with yourself “. She smiled towards her seat. It turned out I wasn’t the only one that was worried about Sharon, to be clear everybody was, just that it seems I wasn’t the only scared of her new attitude. Smith came to me to ask about Sharon.
” What do you think is wrong with her? “. He asked and I shrugged. I didn’t want to talk to him because, It’d probably be another scene so, I just kept quiet as he asked his stupid questions. It got to a point I couldn’t take anymore and I responded in the most civilized way I could that moment.
” Hey dude, am not Sharon, she’s outside!”. I yelled almost too loud. He knew better than say something else, he started leaving but I called him back.

“Smith, the next time you’re worried about Sharon, don’t come to me”.I warned and he left. I sat down and tried concentrating to figure out the best way to show her how caring I could be.

” you said you wanted to talk to me”.Sharon’s voice startled me. didn’t even know when she came back, she was staring at me and then I realized I didn’t know what to talk to her about or maybe I’d lost it like always but, I wasn’t letting this one pass.
“uhm, how long have been sitting there?”. I managed to ask and she shrugged.
” it doesn’t matter, does it?”. I nodded. I brought the shortbread biscuit I’d collected from my mum’s shop and handed it to her but she refused at first. this biscuit’s price then was #450, mum only agreed to give it to me because I didn’t eat enough in the morning. Actually that was how I planned to collect it.

“Sharon, I insist”. I said and she collected it. She smiled as she admired the biscuit.
” wow,this biscuit is quite expensive you know?.Thanks a lot. But I guess that’s not why you wanted to see me or is it?”. Her smile had disappeared again.
I should have let it go then but, I’d said I won’t let it pass this time. I sighed loudly.
” well you should know I haven’t done this before”. I said and she seemed more interested.
“okay what is it?”. she listened curiously.
” Sharon what’s wrong with you? “. I asked her boldly and she frowned. it seemed it wasn’t what she wanted to hear because she looked kind of disappointed.
” what do you mean? how?”.
“Oh come on Sharon, this is not you and you know it. You’re turning into something else completely and you’re scaring your friends most especially me. what the hell happened?.” It seems I was talking rudely but I didn’t know any other way to put it.

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