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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 22
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I don’t really know if she was trying to cheer me up by laughing but I felt so bad knowing she found it funny.

I went into my parent’s bedroom and la!d on there bed. She came in too and sat close to me. I knew she’d start talking soon or maybe she wasn’t going to say anything but I didn’t want to hear anything yet so, I took one of the pillows and covered my head till I slept off. When I woke up, she was still there and I felt like sleeping again. I closed my eyes, then she started talking.
“Today you had your longest siesta bro, you were asleep for three hours “. She informed me.
” so? Is not abnormal is it?”. I said after stretching for a while.
“Well it’s actually abnormal or weird I could say for you, it’s 5:00pm your afternoon sleep has never gone past an hour”. She winked at me, she was trying to tease me.
” what’re you doing? Keeping a new list of what makes me an Alien?”.I asked her and sat up. She smiled when i said that.

My mum told me the story of how sister Eunice believed I was an extraordinary kid when I was just two years. She would always watch me closely with a paper and a pen, any move she feels wasn’t normal for a kid she would write it down. And when asked, she’d say she was keeping a list of what made me an Alien. She later threw the paper away when my dad scolded her about it
“Oh Chuks you know I was just trying to cheer you up”. She patted my head.
” yes? Like you did earlier this afternoon “. She breathed in deeply as I still seem to be pissed.

” okay, I apologise”. She had that sorry look as she said that.
“You’re always good at that”. I said referring to her apology.
” least better than you”. She winked at me.
“Okay you win”. I la!d back down.
” care to tell me what happened? “.
I’ve been waiting for her to ask, I needed someone to pour out to, and there was no better option than Eunice. I delayed for a moment before saying anything.
“I don’t know, she’s been so sad lately, snubbing everyone totally”. I explained calmly.
” including you?”. She asked me.
“Well, she doesn’t snub me actually but doesn’t talk to me neither, quite cold in class, everything different from what she used to be”. It seemed difficult explaining it.
” I understand, maybe she’s hurt, something must’ve happened at home like she lost someone or someone is sick….”.
“No I don’t think so, her sisters are all okay”. I protested.
” you know her sisters? “. She asked surprised.
” yes, they’re all in my school, jenny the senior, has become unusually all smiles towards me and Miriam too has been her usual cheerful self”. I narrated. I’ve never really wondered why jenny always asked me about her sister when they left the same house but now it got me thinking.
“Seems you have a history with both”. She smiled.
“Pleasant and dull memories I’d say” I shrugged.
” so what did they think about her”. She asked me.
“I don’t know, I never asked them”. I replied and looked the other direction.
” why?”. She was confused at my response.
“I don’t want them to start feeling that am being too caring about their sister”.
“What’s wrong with that? Oh I forgot it’s still you after all. Let me ask you, does Sharon even know you feel the same way she feels for you?”. She asked and I didn’t respond.
“I guess not, you’re always the hard man, no one needs to know you have a soft heart right?”. She was telling me this like she has read me completely.
” has anyone ever told you you’re too proud?”. She asked.
“Non, except you, you keep repeating it everyday”. I was becoming uncomfortable listening to her, tell me my problems instead of the solutions. I climbed down to leave.
” yeah,you can leave if you want, the truth can be annoying “. She smiled at me. I knew she still had a lot to say and possibly the solution so, I turned.
” yeah, what am I supposed to do”. I spread my hands like am lost.
“what you should’ve done a long time ago, let out your feelings stop caging them. if you care for someone then let them feel how much you care for them. or you think hiding your feelings makes you a strong man? Actually it makes you weak”. she lectured. it was more of a lesson now than just few words I was expecting at first.
” All these years I’ve always told you how much I love you as my kid bro, has it done me harm in anyway? you know I’m actually wondering what made that poor girl become so fond of you”. I laughed when she said that last line. She was actually right I don’t really know why Sharon decided to be so close to of all the dudes in school.
“you mean am not worth her friendship?”. I asked her, she didn’t say anything but shrugged. I laughed and made to leave but turned back to tease her.
” you know I’ve also been wondering, did you have any boyfriend when you were my age?”. she picked a pillow and hurled it at me while I ran outside laughing. that’s how I normally say thanks to her by pulling her legs.

Eunice’s words were true, I always hide my feelings unnecessary, hoping someone will read my heart, see it through my eyes but except my family no one has been able to understand that till I met Sharon. I believed she knew I cared for her even though I sU-Ck at showing it. But I decided that come Monday I’d try so much to be whom she was to me, that care, and love she showed me, I’d try to show her back.

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