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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 2
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I met chidimma in my junior secondary sch. J.s.s.1 precisely, second term she was a new student, she and her two sisters. It was their first day in school, sharon was in my class, jenny in j.s.s2 and miriam in primary 5.

It was a noisy monday morning in jss1A, trust the BBs(backbenchers)we are pro’s when it comes to noisemaking. Then came the principal followed by a woman and a young fair girl whom in no doubt is her daughter due to their striking resemblance.this pretty girl was wearing our uniform, the normal greeting ovation was giving to the principal and the woman but, i wasn’t interested in the complement rather i was busy staring at this beutiful creature who is now our new classmate smiling at the new faces she was just seeing for the first time. She was quite different, others when it was their first day would either frown like they were being forced or keep a blank face not excluding me though.

The principal’s lips were moving but, i couldn’t make out what she was sayin cus i was just hypnotised by this new girl’s smile. I wasn’t hoping to hit on her like most guys in my class were already prepping to because, am a shy type, i dont see myself as the ladies man and am too proud. I was called back from my hype mode by our form mistress then, it dawned on me that i haven’t been paying attention. This New girl was smiling at me this time so, i was wondering what the teacher said , i didn’t even know the principal had left . It turned out this new girl had just become my seatmate.

All eyes on me now, i was supposed to be happy but, i wasn’t . This form mistress was up to something, i was so sure about that. This was probably her own way of stopping me from being one of the most notorious noisemakers in Jss1. She’d found out how bad i was with girls, i was called out to come and lead my new seatmate her desk. Now all my class boys realy wanted to be in my shoes, who wouldn’t? Everybody wants to sit with a beautiful girl but, d--n it not me. Its going to be such a quiet session i concluded as i worked towards her. I wasn’t smiling nor frowning my mood was currently unreadable, not even the highest druid in the world could. My classmate Smith was so pissed that he had to ask me loudly;
”smile nah!!!”.

Everybody laughed including this New girl, seeing her laugh realy hauted me, i felt guilt run through a little bit. Seems she was happy to be my seatmate and not seeing me smile would be an unfriendly reception so, i added a little smile to my face and walked towards her. Already calculated my move before reaching where she stood , i gave her a quick handshake, collected her school bag, grabbed left her hand and led her towards our new part of the world. This act of mine realy wowed the whole class and they summed up a huge applause for me, even her mum and the form mistress looked impressed. Before her mum left she walked up to me.
”look out for your new friend”. She asked politely and i nodded.

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