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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 18
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Finally he told me not to worry, that he would help me out.

Kelvin’s words rang in my head through out that day. “Before things change”. I never was good with girls right from childhood, I avoided them like a plague, even those I so much loved never really got to know. So, my hope was on Kelvin, you’d probably be wondering why I’d let my mate look after me like Kelvin does. Well let me brief you a little about my cousin.

Kelvin wasn’t supposed to be my mate, he was two years older than I was. He used to be my immediate elder brother’s classmate in primary school up till his sister relocated to Lagos with him. He only came back during my primary six and for reasons I do not know he was placed in primary six instead of jss1 so we both graduated from primary school together but my respect for him was still the same as I had for my elder brothers.

They say “you can never eat your cake and still have it” I don’t know how true that is because For so many times I’ve eaten my and I still see it in my hands. The only saying I believe in is “when we get to the bridge, we’ll cross it”. The announcement I made didn’t change anything about how Sharon related with me in school but it did change one thing. The time she used to have for me was rarely there anymore, everybody now understood we weren’t dating and that got almost all the guys frequently relating with her, Smith was most constant of them all. He seemed to have made peace with me without me knowing it, anytime he comes around he’d first have a little chat with me before focusing on Sharon. I only get to chat with Sharon when a teacher is in class and that got me punished few times. During break she’d be with the girls and during free period in class the boys would be coming around. Most annoying part was she was never mad at anyone, never snubbed anyone but just d--n too social and it was making me go crazy but I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t complain to her after all She wasn’t my girlfriend so why should I bother.

I’d always go to Kelvin’s seat whenever they storm our corner. They will be like five guys chatting with her at the same time, All of them try to be funny just to impress her and even when they’d crack a dry joke she’d laugh. so I couldn’t always sit around, I’d rather go sit with Kelvin.

Friday came so quick, it was the final day of our tests and also the Famous “Valentine’s day”. Everybody got a complimentary card for their dear ones. I also got one with the intent of giving it to Sharon, truthfully Kelvin was the one that gave it to me, it was his idea, he also got one for his girl.

Immediately after the dismissal bell was rung everybody started giving their cards to their ones, I was still contemplating on giving Sharon the card, before I knew it she had already received five cards from our class boys with Smith and Jude already on the list. She doesn’t need mine anymore I concluded, I tore the card And threw it into the trash bucket. I waited for her but she was yet to be through with those guys I don’t even know what the hell they were discussing, non of the outlawz seemed to be ready too. Everybody seemed occupied just me and the strict uptown girl chidimma.
I should have given her my card I thought, she didn’t accept Kingsley’s card and also victor the darkest boy in our class. But I bet she could ve accepted mine, after all I’m her friend. I went to meet her, she was busy as usual with a novel. I took the novel from her hands, she looked up and when she saw it was me she smiled.
“No cards for me?”. I asked her smiling too.
” for real? Or you meant canes for you” she replied sarcastically.
“Seriously I brought a card for you but I lost it”. I lied. She laughed when I said that.
” oh you mean for Sharon? Don’t worry I know when you tore it”. She said. I was speechless, I didn’t know she was watching me. The current smile on my face was artificial.

“The jealousy was all over your face Godson, I didn’t know you’d regret this so soon.” I wasn’t comfortable anymore, I guess it was a wrong move coming here.
“So, what’s your next plan? You ain’t fighting this time, are you?”. She asked. I gave her back the novel she was reading.
” not at all” I replied her. I caressed her jaw a little.
“Enjoy your holidays ma’am”. I walked out. Sharon was stealing glances at me while I touched chidimma’s jaw and when I left she continued chatting with Smith and the others. I’ve had enough, not like we were going home together. I carried my bag and off i went. Few metres out of our class block and she called me back, I was so glad she ran after me.
” hey bro, you’re just going to leave like that?. She asked and hit my chest playfully. I couldn’t say anything because there was nothing I could say without exposing my jealousy.
“Hello? Are you there?”. She waved at my face and I smiled. She had all the cards in her hands.
“Godson, like seriously, you didn’t bring me any cards?”.
” No, what’s with the cards though?”. I pretended.
“And I was really expecting yours”. She said looking disappointed.
” this Valentine stuff really skipped my mind, but all the same I guess you’ve had enough to keep already “. I said pointing at the cards in her hand. The jealousy I was trying to hide was beginning to eat out.
” you mean enough to dispose?”. She smiled wickedly. I was excited yo hear her say that and it was written all over my face.
“So you would have disposed mine too?”. I asked.
” you didn’t bring any did you?”.
I shrugged. that moment I regretted tearing that card. Patience has always been a stranger to me. This was supposed to be the right moment to ask her out, the card I was going to give her had the question “would you be my Val?” At the end. Kelvin had told me how to make my move, and now I’ve spoilt it all because I couldn’t wait. Sharon called me out of my thoughts.
“Always thinking huh? tell me what’s it this time?”. She asked. I knew she wouldn’t take “nothing” as an answer.
“well I wish I’d brought a card”. I covered up. She smiled, held my left palm.
” awwn there is always a next time”. she said and we both laughed.
“Now close your eyes”. She said to me.
” what?” I asked. why would she ask me to close my eyes, what was she planning? I asked myself. In high school movies I’ve watched when a girl asks a boy to close his eyes, what comes next is a kiss and imagined that’s what she wanted to do, but I wouldn’t let her kiss me in public.
“I said close your eyes”. she faked a frown.
” oh come on, you know I don’t like playing games “. I protested.
“really? cause last I remember you love playing games a lot. so, eyes closed”. she insisted. I stood there looking at her.
” or I could just go? you know what never mind “. she said and turned to leave then I drew her back.
” okay fine I’ll close my eyes “. I said and she smiled, I looked at her for a while before I closed my eyes. like thirty seconds later:
” tadaa! okay open?” she said. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling, she was giving me something. A large pink thick envelope, I collected it. on the top she wrote:
mate”. I opened the envelope and inside was a pink complimentary card too. I looked at her and she winked at me. I opened the card and it read:
“To my dearest friend,Valentines day is a day to celebrate love and express it in the most meaningful way possible. I may have not been the best friend ever, but the love I have for you is here to stay. Happy Valentines day.”

I was so amazed and like always I had no words to say, just staring at her with my mouth open.
“oh come on say something”. she said.
” uhm, uhm, I don’t know what to say”. I blurted and she laughed.
“you like it?”. she asked and I nodded.
” so, am dear to you?” I dumbly asked and she laughed a little then stopped.
“of course you are”.
” thank you”. she came closer and held my two hands.
“I know it hasn’t been long we met, but it always feels like I’ve known you for long.” she said staring deep into my eyes.
“you once asked me what I’d be doing, during the holidays? I’d be missing you “. she smiled.
” yea I will. Enjoy your holidays my dear “. she hugged me, not a side hug this time but a real hug. I was shocked,I mean we were outside in public where other students were too even the ss3 seniors. And moreover I have never been hugged by a girl before except my sisters. so, I was in freeze state then the exact people I wanted to see this hug came out. Smith, Jude,Kelvin, the outlawz, chidimma and Miriam too probably came to call Sharon. then I smiled, I hugged her back. the hug lasted for some minutes before we broke it. she waved me bye and left with Miriam who was just jumping up and about. Kelvin looked proud, if only he knew it wasn’t his formation nor mine. Smith and Jude were both smiling, who cares if it was real or not, I just Aced them. I know we weren’t dating yet but I just showed them who the real boss was.

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