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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Days past with me and Sharon becoming more close. We were rarely apart, always together. Suspicions that we were dating grew to the extent that they were calling her my girlfriend to my face, jokingly though but I know they are trying to clear their doubts. It didn’t seem to bother her at all but it wasn’t the same with me. I always prefer “calling a spade a spade”, you can’t call my fiancée my wife even though am still going to marry her but till then you don’t call her my wife because ” things do change ” after all. I decided to clear their minds one day. Immediately after break period on Tuesday, me and Sharon just came in with ice creams in our hands. We were laughing over what Miriam said during break, then Peculiar walked up to us, she was one of the nosy girls in our class. She said hello because we barely noticed her presence.
“Hi”. Sharon and I responded in chorus.
” you’re enjoying yourselves”. She said smiling at the us.
“As you can see, Care to join us?”. Sharon invited Smiling but I wasn’t, she’d surely come to nose around like the others.
“Join? Oh no thanks”. She said and waved us on.
” wow, you both look cute together “. Sharon and I stared at her confusedly as she blabbed.
” living the life of a couple huh? Such a…..”. I couldn’t let her finish the jagons she was saying.
“Ehm peculiar, why are you really here?”. I cut her short.
” well I came to uhm borrow something from uhm…” She whined.

“Borrow whatsoever you want and leave.” I ordered her. She stared at me furiously then at Sharon whom seemed to be finding the whole scene amusing.
“Whatever “. She said and left, Sharon turned to me immediately she left.
” what was that for “. She asked me.
” I hate Gossips “. I replied her then scooped some of the uncle Sam’s cream into my mouth.
” She’s my friend you know?”.
“Everybody is always your friend, remember?”. I said to her then stood up, I handed her my ice cream.
” where are you going to?”. She asked.
“Time to make something clear”” I said. She gave me an asking look and I smiled.
“Just watch”. I said to her. I walked straight to the front of the class. Everybody was busy with something serious or unserious.
” Attention all Fairy tale things, do not feel uncomfortable “I voiced out and they laughed, I’d just spoken like the ogre in the Shrek movie. Quite a famous movie in our childhood days.
” we’re not fairy tale creatures”. Some of them responded. Chidimma was busy reading her novel, she wasn’t paying attention, I snatched it from her hands and she smiled, I demonstrated that she pays attention and winked at her then I continued.
“Well maybe some of you are not but I’m certain some of you are”. I said. I looked at the faces of the few people that weren’t smiling; Bully, Smith and peculiar and I smiled then continued.
” but y’all still have to listen to what I’ve to say because I bet y’all are interested ” I said and that did the magic, they all became quiet.
“I’m aware the AITs in our class has made you all believe a story About me and my friend”. I said pointing at Sharon, they started murmuring when I said that.
“Quiet! Am not done yet”. I shouted and they became mute again.
” and I am certain you believe this story already for reasons I do not know, but I’m sorry to disappoint y’all. Nnaji Sharon is not my girlfriend, am her friend just like all of you are, I do not want to be addressed as her boyfriend or we being called a couple anymore! Even if its a joke, let it stop!”. I concluded and walked back to my seat. Smith tried hiding the excitement on his face when I announced that but he couldn’t, he was just smiling sheepishly. I’d already started regretting going out there to say what I said but I didn’t show it.

Kelvin blocked me as I walked to my seat.
“are you for real?”. he asked me. I faked a smile and told him its okay, I patted his shoulder and walked past him.
” did you really have to do that?”. Sharon asked me immediately I’d sat down.
“what could I’ve done? oh I forgot act like I don’t care and lead them on with their insinuations?, but the question is…. are we really dating?”. I asked her.
” aren’t we?”. she asked me back.
” never mind, I was just joking “. she responded. we’d started the form order already. she asked that we revised for the next paper which was actually my best then ” Igbo language “. we hadn’t even started the revision, when the papers came in. We wrote a total of four tests before dismissal. Bully had started going home with us once more and Kelvin acted like it was all cool, I guess he just loved being a bad boy, because despite the fact that his parents were rich he chosed trekking over school bus and being picked from school by their driver. He was staying at Hilltop just like Sharon although not the same street, but he’d trek with us and when we got to that part where we go our different ways, he would board a bike to hill top, same with Kingsley, it seemed to be fun for them. I walked with Sharon as usual to the park, today Miriam was with Jenny. I hadn’t really met with her before and I felt it was quite a nice time for us to meet.
“hi” I said to them but only responded. Jenny was looking at me somehow that she didn’t even notice Sharon greeting her. Her stare wasn’t a pleasant one at all, it’s true her family had this way of staring at someone but hers was different maybe it was just a personal stare for me.

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